Ye Knight's Quest 3

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Ye Knight's Quest 3
Where Beside the Cave
Opened May 19, 2011
May 16, 2012
Closed May 31, 2011
May 30, 2012
Mini-Games None
ID 869 (Chamber of Gems), 870 (Place of Puzzles), 871 (Hall of Hints), 872 (Cave of Battle), 873 (Royal Court)
Tour Description
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The Knight's Quest 3 is a quest in Club Penguin during the Medieval Party 2011. On May 10, 2011 Happy77 released a sneak peek video of this.[1] You could earn three free items: The Gold Staff and Shield, the White Knight Helmet and the White Knight Armor. It returned for the Medieval Party 2012.

Tour Guide descriptions[edit]

  • Chamber of Gems - "Tis a chamber of gems and chalices. Let us solve this fine puzzle..."
  • Place of Puzzles - "This place of puzzles is thy challenge! Ye must get to the cliff... push these bridge buttons in order... and find thine way across."
  • Hall of Hints - "Hark! This Hall of Hints show a great battle to come... what lies beyond, brave penguin? Go forth and seek the challenge!"
  • Cave of Battle - "Hither! Shall we walk across this bridge? AAAAAAAAH!"
  • Royal Court - "All Kings and Queens! Rejoice! Your bravery is rewarded in this Royal Court! This armor is thine reward!"

How to solve it[edit]

In the Chamber of Gems, look at each colored ball closely to find the right ball. Once you do that three times, the gate opens for you to go to the Place of Puzzles. Over here, first you must step on the bottom-rightmost one, then step on the bottommost one and then step on the top-leftmost one. Then walk to the opened gate at the top of the screen, to the Hall of Hints, which shows you how to beat the hydra. Then, walk over to the Cave of Battle to battle the three dragons using these tactics:

  • Throw snowballs at the red head. If a red head's attack hits you, you get sent to the Hall of Hints and have to start all over again.
  • Throw a snowball at the lava in a pot overhead, when it is over the blue head. You need to develop a sense of timing for this one. The blue head freezes your movement.
  • When the yellow head aims at a stone to attack, all you need to do is walk to the stone and wear a shield to reflect the attack back to the dragon.

After you're done, walk across using the stone bridge at the right of the screen and go through the last gate. Then you will enter the Royal Court, where you can get White Knight Armor.


When you have solved the puzzles in the quest, you are able to move on without solving the puzzle. This is what happens:

  • Chamber of Gems - The gate opens without you solving the puzzle.
  • Place of Puzzles - A path appears on the top bit of the level, and the gate opens.
  • Hall of Hints - None. There wasn't any puzzle here.
  • Cave of Battle - The bridge is already there when you enter the room.
  • Royal Court - None. There wasn't any puzzle here.


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