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Full Name Yarr
Species Puffle
Position Rockhopper's Puffle
Appeared As Rockhopper's puffle when he found him stuck on floating driftwood
Color Red
Clothing None
Related To Unknown
Friends With Rockhopper, Bambadee, Blast
Meetable Character? Yes (when he is walked)
Were you looking for the item used by Rockhopper?

Yarr is Rockhopper's Red Puffle. He was the first Red Puffle ever seen on Club Penguin Island. Yarr can be seen on top of the mast of the Migrator. Yarr was named so because he always responded to Rockhopper when he shouted "Yarr". Yarr is one the most popular puffles in Club Penguin, along with the Keeper of the Boiler Room. Penguins have been seen attempting to speak to him. When Rockhopper landed in his lifeboat, many penguins were seen standing under Yarr and pretending to be him. Yarr loves to go surfing in Catchin' Waves and is an adventurous puffle. Yarr's design was changed in 2013.

Rockhopper's player card when walking Yarr.


Ever since Yarr's passion for surfing was discovered, the Club Penguin Team added a feature that allowed penguins to surf with their red puffles if they walked them to Catchin' Waves. It has also been found that Rockhopper wants to get Yarr a silver surfboard for Christmas, as he says it on the notice board in the Captain's Quarters. You can sometimes see Yarr surfing in front of the Migrator when it's coming towards Club Penguin Island.




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