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A worm.

Worms are the main bait used in Ice Fishing. Worms are only found in the Ice Fishing game and the Aqua Grabber game. If the player is not careful a jellyfish can shock their line, causing players to drop the worm. A crab can pinch the line and cause the player's bait to fall. Sharks also eat them. Players can get another worm if it floats by in a can.

There is also a can with a worm found at the Lighthouse.

Worms can also be found in Soda Seas by bumping the upper left side of an air pocket on the left side of the screen. Then, the player can pick up the worm and feed it to Fluffy the Fish. They then must bring the fluffy fish (which slightly distorts the controls) to a mullet. The mullet will then clear the pathway to get the extra treasure. Since penguins can get their hands on worms, they must inhabit Club Penguin Island, or they are imported. They are also used in the Ice Fishing mini game, found in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force.

A can of worm.

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