What Your Puffle Says About You

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What Your Puffle Says About You

Date released 2010
Unlocks items? No

What Your Puffle Says About You is a Club Penguin real-life book. It is also a quiz book and an activity book. It has 48 pages, not including the sticker page.


On pages 4-7, there are questions about you. On pages 8-11, there is a quiz about which puffle you are like. The answers to that quiz is on page 12. On page 13, it says: "Did you find out your not exactly like one puffle? Spend some time finding out how much you have in common with each if the nine different puffle types on the following pages." In page 14, there is a blue puffle quiz on how much you percent of you is like a blue puffle. It has questions like: "My friends would describe me as very loyal." Underneath every question, it says to rate how much the statement decribes you on a scale from 1 to 10. 1 means the statement does not describe you at all, 5 means it describes you somewhat, and 10 means it describes you perfectly. Then, you add up the numbers, and that's how much percent of you is like the blue puffle. This also applies to the other color puffles. Pages 16-17 is the red puffle, 18-19 pink, 20-21 black, 22-23 green, 24-25 purple, 26-27 yellow, 28-29 white, and 30-31 orange. On pages 32-33, it shows what each puffle is like. On pages 34-35, there are questions about your friend. On pages 36-39 there are questions about your friends' and family's puffle personalities. On page 40, there is a puffle vacation story. On page 41, it says to draw a scene for your puffle vacation. On the pages 42-43 it says if you're like this puffle, then you wear this. On the page 44, you create your own party. On pages 46-47, it says to write down who your puffles are. On page 48, it says: Be on the look out! What kind of puffle would you like to see on Club Penguin? Draw it below. On the last page, there are some stickers.


  • On every page except for pages 13, 44, 45, and the sticker page, there is a puffle background.
  • On page 33, where it says "Yellow Puffle", the letters are more orange than yellow.