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The What's New Blog.

The Club Penguin What's New Blog, formerly known as The Club Penguin Blog, is a blog that can be read from the Club Penguin Website or in Club Penguin app. The blog tells about upcoming features and events in Club Penguin. It also allows players to comment on blog entries, but the Club Penguin Team has to check it first.

List of Bloggers[edit]

Current Bloggers[edit]

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  • Ross Lynch




Former Bloggers[edit]


Club Penguin App[edit]

In Club Penguin app, the blog is readable and updates every time the online version is updated. Users may still comment using this app.


Users can comment on each post, via clicking the comment link below each article. These comments become approval pending, therefore the majority of the comments are not accepted. Until the 2015 re-design, users could choose to stay anonymous or use their username, however there was no password option so the user could call themselves anything they wanted. Users could also reply to other comments.


Formerly the blog was part of the Club Penguin Community section of the Club Penguin Website but the section was later split into What's New blog and Fun Stuff.

On August 13, 2015, almost two months later than first announced[1], the blog received a new design, each post now had an image header and users could also filter the posts by category or author.[2] Since August 24, 2015, players have to log in using their penguin name and password to comment. Their current avatar and penguin age will be displayed next to the comment.



  • Formerly in a lot of blog pictures, the moderators who took the screenshot go to the bottom of the screen or get into the crowd so no one can see their username.
  • Each language sometimes has different posts.
  • The earliest existing post on the English blog is called "The Future of Puffles!" and was posted on February 22, 2011.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Novidades
French Quoi de neuf
Spanish ¿Qué hay de nuevo?
German Neuigkeiten
Russian Что новенького?

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