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Welcome Solo
Where The Lake on The Map
Opened June 27, 2011
Closed November 2013
Mini-Games None
ID 112
Tour Description

The Welcome Solo (referred to by some as Welcome Lake) was the first room a new player went to when they registered an account between June 27, 2011 and November 2013. New players were greeted there by Welcome Penguin and are given New Player Red Baseball Hat and New Player Background. After November 2013, new players were placed into normal rooms and on December 19, Welcome Penguin himself was replaced by Tourdude with the Initial Guide to Club Penguin.

The room was located by the lake on the map.


There was a glitch where when you logged into Club Penguin, you might go here. You couldn't leave until The Welcome Penguin was done talking. The only way to leave was by using an EPF Phone. You may have also had no items, coins or stamps. This glitch was fixed.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Bem-vindo
French Bienvenue
Spanish Bienvenida
German Willkommen
Russian N/A