Waddle On Party

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Waddle On Party
The Snow Forts during the party.
Members only No
When February 1 - March 29, 2017[1]
Free Item(s) Unknown
Mascot(s) Multiple
Preceded by
Club Penguin Island Party
Succeeded by
None (game shut down) →

The Waddle On Party is a party on Club Penguin that started on February 1, and will end on March 29, 2017. It is the second party of 2017, and will be the last party on Club Penguin before the game is shut down.[1] It is known that 12 rooms will be decorated, multiple mascots will make appearances, and there will be seven rooms with Club Penguin trivia in them.[2][3] There is also a "special secret", which many hope is the ability to finally tip the Iceberg. This is proven to be true by a youtuber under the name of Thinknoodles.



The staff of Club Penguin decided that the main game and the app for it would be "discontinued" in March 2017, in favor of the new Club Penguin Island app. This decision, and the Waddle On Party were announced on the What's New Blog on January 30 by Megg.[1]


Club Penguin Island was discovered in early January 2017, causing the Club Penguin Island Party which informed penguins of the new land. It is unknown what the in-game plot of the Waddle On Party will be (if there is one), but it is known that there will be a trivia game that rewards coins, as well as an unidentified "special secret".[3]

Free items[edit]

To be revealed



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