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The current state of the volcano

The Volcano is a place in the Mountain Range of Club Penguin Island.


From the time it was first seen in November 2008 until September 2009, the volcano had appeared as a normal mountain next to the Dojo. However, when The Fair 2009 was happening, the volcano started to smoke. Although it didn't actually "erupt", the smoke from it was enough to cause The Great Storm of 2009. Since Sensei's Scavenger Hunt, the Fire Dojo has been a room at the top of the volcano; and Card-Jitsu Fire is played there.

In 2010 Ye Knight's Quest 2 was released at the Medieval Party 2010. The quest was located under the volcano, and has been at every medieval party since.


  • The volcano has a lot of lava, and it is almost overflowing. However, Sensei has filter-like objects to circulate the lava, and prevent the volcano from overflowing.