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Available Yes
Type Hand Item
Member item Yes
Party Music Jam 2008
Cost 200 coins
Where found Penguin Style
Music Catalog
Item ID(s) 343

The Violin is a hand item in Club Penguin. It cost 450 coins in the Penguin Style or 200 coins in Music Catalog for members. When the player dances while holding this item, they play the violin. When they play the violin at the Lighthouse, it sounds just like the Acoustic Guitar. The violin appeared in the Music Catalog during Music Jam 2008.


The Violin was first released in the Penguin Style catalog in April 2007, and again in July 2008. It came back on August 22, 2013 when the Music Catalog was updated.

Release history[edit]

Catalog Available from Available until
Music Catalog July 25, 2008 August 5, 2008
Music Catalog August 22, 2013 March 29, 2017


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Violino
French Le Violon
Spanish Violín
German Violine
Russian Скрипка

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