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Full Name Violetta Castillo
Species Human (Violetta)
Penguin (Club Penguin)
Position None
Appeared Violetta
Color Arctic White
Clothing Unknown
Related To Unknown
Friends With Unknown
Meetable Character? No

Violetta is a Club Penguin special guest. She is from the Disney Channel television series, Violetta, and made her first appearance during the Music Jam 2014. Violetta's song, "Hoy Somos Más", was added to the Igloo Music list on July 9th.


Violetta is a lively girl, who is kind and friendly. She is always honest, except when she is around her dad. Violetta loves singing but her father never lets her, so she keeps it a secret from him. She hates having to lie, but knows if she gave up her dream that she would regret it.

Violetta has a romantic side, which gets more complicated as she begins to have two loves, León and Tomás. She can get very confused with her feelings.

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