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Notice the username under the penguin.

Your username or penguin name is the name under your penguin avatar and above your player card. The letter limit for your username is 12, and only could have numbers, letters and spaces. The least amount of characters your username can be is four, but back in the beginning of Club Penguin, your name could have been 2 letters or just numbers. If your penguin name is inappropriate or not yet confirmed, your name will be "P" and then a small code of numbers, the numbers are what number of penguin you are. Some usernames of famous people are Rockhopper, Gary, and Cadence. Contrary to popular belief, other famous penguin's names are not usernames but and only if they appear as an avatar in game. It is also possible to change your username by e-mailing Club Penguin, but they won't allow you to change it twice.

Fun facts[edit]


  • It used to be possible to make a username using strange characters. If you went to run on your start menu then typed in Character Map/Charmap, then you would get a list of strange characters. Before Club Penguin fixed this, you could log in using those characters. Example: Teesam = ţééşăṁ. Club Penguin has fixed this and it no longer works.


  • There is a glitch where if you are in your igloo and you have the Box Dimension portal, you click the portal and then quickly press Edit Igloo, this means when you enter the Box Dimension, you will have no name. This works in every room when done correctly, your name will return after logging out and back in again, or clicking edit on your igloo again.
  • There used to be a glitch where you could make a penguin have no name or have just numbers for their name. This has been fixed.


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