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Supremo 1895(call me supreme)
Me on the computer
Penguin's Name Supremo 1895
Favorites Brown Puffle
Member? Yes
First Pin Pin Card Access
Famous Penguins Met Gary,Rockhopper and Cadence
Date Joined Wiki November 2013
Date Joined Club Penguin November 2012

I am a cool and friendly penguin extreme 'm am also subscriber level 4 and I love making friends got a 300 today.Antes you read my curiosities want to read this penguin is my favorite Gary and also this please do not edit my page ok . come on this trip about me uhuu I am too .


  • my favorite friend on cp my brother is in real life .
  • I created my name in time of despair .
  • I play cp to 3 years but with the supreme for only one year .
  • jokes even worshiping my favorite penguin is Gary ..
  • There was a time when I was a pirate in cp .


I really love teaching others and show everything so I joined the club penguin wiki is where I can show all the parties, events, videos, etc.Espero continue showing everything to everyone, I got in cp because of my friends who helped me and said among the penguin club has everything you need games, coins and much much mais.Então went searching until I found the cp.3 years super323 ( my old penguin ) went lost password and created the ultimate thereafter started the search channel on YouTube and blogs cp .


page under construction


Male.svg Supremo 1895 is a male.
CPWPTLogo.png This user edits on the Português Club Penguin Wiki more than they do on any other CPWN wiki (including this wiki).
Brazil flag.PNG Supremo 1895 is Brazilian! That means they are from Brazil.
183DaysStamp.png Supremo 1895's penguin is 2396 days old.
Supremo 1895 uses Windows 7 as their operating system.
PartyHats2.PNG Supremo 1895 loves party hats!

Pencil Pin.PNG Supremo 1895 has made 13 edits on this wiki.
Hacker-Ninja.jpg BEWARE! This user is a Ninja!!!! Behold their awesomeness and TREMBLE!


Stamp26.png Supremo 1895 has 135 Stamps.
Orange puffpic.png Supremo 1895 has seen the zany Orange Puffle in the wild!
This user is from the Red Team!

WhitePuffle.PNG Supremo 1895 has a White Puffle named O AMIGO.
PufflesLoveyou.png This user loves puffles.
Brown puffpic.png Supremo 1895 has seen the intelligent Brown Puffle in the wild!
PuffleParty2013LoginScreen2-RainbowPuffle.PNG Supremo 1895 has a Rainbow Puffle named Supremo.
Fred2.PNG Supremo 1895 has seen Fred the Clockwork Cuckoo!
Lolz.png Supremo 1895 has seen Cadence's puffle Lolz!
YarrNew.PNG Supremo 1895 has seen Rockhopper's puffle Yarr!
18-24 EN.png Supremo 1895 is a Level 4 Member on Club Penguin! That's ICE!

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