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CzechRepublicFlag.PNG Lisured is Czech! That means they are from the Czech Republic.
IRC This user uses the Club Penguin Wiki IRC channel.
Firefox.png Lisured uses the Firefox browser.
Lisured uses Manjaro Linux.
183DaysStamp.png Lisured's penguin is 3838 days old.
24-plus EN.png Guess what? Lisured is a Level 5 Member on Club Penguin! Oooooooh! Aaaaaaah!
HotSauceTeam.PNG Lisured is from the Hot Sauce team!

I mainly fix typos or add missing translations. From time to time I am active on protocol wiki where I am sysop, and on archives. I am also admin of the largest Czech and Slovak Club Penguin community website

Status: At the moment I am quite busy with school so I don’t edit much anymore. I do not consider retiring in the near future, though.



Stupid Cyrillic[edit]

commons:File:Cyrillic upright-cursive-n.png