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Jirkapas Penguin.png
My Penguin
Penguin's Name Jirkapas
Favorites Operation: Blackout Operation: Puffle Halloween Party 2012 Halloween Party 2014
Member? No
First Pin Camera pin
Famous Penguins Met -
Date Joined Wiki 22. 6. 2013
Date Joined Club Penguin 19.2.2012

Blue Jirkapas's Penguin Color is Blue

Male.svg Jirkapas is a male.
CzechRepublicFlag.PNG Jirkapas is Czech! That means they are from the Czech Republic.
SchoolSuppliesPin.PNG This user has school.
They may not be as active as usual.
Clock.PNG It is currently 12:26 AM on Monday February 17, 2020 for Jirkapas. [Refresh]
Pencil Pin.PNG Jirkapas has made 241 edits on this wiki.
CloudPenguin.png Jirkapas uses the Cloud Penguin trainer to play Club Penguin.
Cpps-Logo-Illustration.png Jirkapas play on VIPenguin CPPS.

183DaysStamp.png Jirkapas's penguin is 2919 days old.
CPWnormal.png This user has been on the Club Penguin Wiki for 6 years, 7 months and 25 days.

EPF Logo.png
Jirkapas is an Elite Penguin Force Agent. Thanks to this penguin, Herbert's plans are always spoiled!
PSAMissionsTerminal.PNG Jirkapas has earned all of the PSA Mission stamps. Good work, agent!

Jirkapas is a Tour Guide in Club Penguin!
Non-Member.png This user isn't a member on Club Penguin.
Ninja.png Jirkapas is a ninja! That's why Jirkapas is so awesome!
PWNed! This user beat Sensei and got the Ninja Mask!
Fred2.PNG Jirkapas has seen Fred the Clockwork Cuckoo!
CardJitsu-Protobot10000.PNG Jirkapas has defeated Protobot in the EPF DS Game!
ClubPenguinElitePenguinForceHerbertsRevenge.PNG Jirkapas has defeated Herbert in the EPF: Herbert's Revenge Game!
PC Lenovo Logo.png Jirkapas has a Lenovo computer

Jirkapas uses Windows 10 as their operating system.
Nintendo logo.jpeg Jirkapas has a Nintendo 3DS XL

GoogleChrome.png Jirkapas uses the Google Chrome browser.
GoogleG.png Jirkapas uses Google for their search engine.
Android.png Jirkapas uses Android as their mobile operating system.
TwitterICON.png Jirkapas has a Twitter account.
Minecraft.png Jirkapas plays Minecraft with the username Jirkapas.
Steam.png Jirkapas has a Steam account.