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Cookie 07730

Refrence of the (some time when I feel like updating): least YouTube tells me that Neon is a noble gas.

Insert fancy life-story here:

Welcome, Penguins! My name is Cookie 07730 (duh). I've been on this wiki for god-knows-how-long, I have a unique attitude, and could probably put a smile on anyone's face. Although I am currently not a member on Club Penguin (due to insufficient funds), I will (try to) continue to edit on this wiki, until all my drive fades. Anyways, if you see me - yell at me, throw a brick at me, or use whatever means to attract my attention. Feel free to contact me by pressing the "Discussion" tab on the top left of this page, or

Joy to you, chicken for all!

I love you.

--Cookie 07730 Yummy!