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My penguin
Penguin's Name Barkjon
Favorites Music, skateboarding, gaming, Wiki-ing
Member? No
Location Pacific Northwest (Seattle, WA)
Club Penguin Activity Pretty much inactive
Wiki Activity Fully Active
First Pin Tulip Pin
Famous Penguins Met The Band
Date Joined Wiki July 9, 2007
Date Joined Club Penguin May 10, 2007
Admin? Formerly, but no longer

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About Me

Hey guys, I'm Barkjon. You can call me Sebastian, too. I started playing CP in 2007 and joined this wiki soon after, in it's early days. I soon became a mod and bureaucrat, and basically helped make (along with Robbsi for sometime, TurtleShroom, and Sharkbate) this wiki into the massive place it is today.

I stopped playing CP a while ago, but I hop on it and this wiki every once in a while for fun.

nowadays, I'm working through high school. Music is my main focus/passion: I listen to most types of rock and punk, but mainly the genres of indie rock/indie pop, post-hardcore, emo, pop-punk, post-rock, and skramz. I have been playing drums constantly for 6+ years (in various school- and church- related groups, as well as other projects), and bass, guitar, and piano more recently. I currently record music solo.

I also skateboard and BMX a bit, and I'm a player of the Halo competitive gaming team FlashBack.

yeah, that's me. I go by the name of Barkjon pretty much everywhere ever.

I'm a firm Christian. I live in the beautiful state of Washington, in the rainy city of Seattle.

My signature:  Barkjo Complaints here!