Underwater Expedition

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Underwater Expedition
The Underwater Expedition logo.
Members only No
When January 26, 2012 - February 1, 2012
Free Item(s)

Heavy Hat, Cleaned Up Dock BG and Rookie Anvil BG‎

Submarine Suit‎
Catalog(s) None
Mascot(s) Rookie
Where Club Penguin Island
Preceded by
Holiday Party 2011
Succeeded by
Rockhopper's Quest
Not to be confused with the Cave Expedition or the Sub-Marine Party 2008.

The Underwater Expedition was a party in Club Penguin. The Beach was flooded[1] and Rookie visited the island during this party.[2] There are secret rooms and exclusive items and outfits for members.[3] The party started on January 26, 2012 ended on February 1, 2012.


The party was confirmed in an Australian Disney Magazine.[4] Club Penguin's room files also revealed ahead of time that there will be a Maze and a new room called The Deep.

Free items[edit]

Image Item Location Members only?
HeavyHat.PNG Heavy Hat Beach No
CleanedUpDockBGIcon.PNG Cleaned Up Dock BG Dock No
RookieAnvilBGIcon.PNG Rookie Anvil BG Obtained by meeting Rookie No
SubmarineSuit.PNG Submarine Suit The Deep Yes


Sneak Peeks[edit]



Party Pictures[edit]



  • Many Penguins think that Club Penguin tipping was Rookie's fault, but someone tripled the order of anvils causing Club Penguin to tip, as said in a Field-Op[citation needed] during the party.
  • Herbert escaped at the beginning of this party.


  • The "Stadium" sign overlaps the Ice Rink at the Stadium during this party.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Expedição Submarina
French Expédition Sous-Marine
Spanish Expedición Submarina
German Unterwasser Expedition
Russian N/A


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