Ultimate Proto-Bot 10,000

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Ultimate Proto-Bot 10,000
Full Name Ultimate Proto-Bot 10,000
Species Robot
Position Evil Robot
Appeared Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
System Defender
EPF Messages
Agent Rookie's Secret Mission
Jetpack Boost
Future Party
Color N/A
Clothing N/A
Related To Unknown
Friends With Herbert (formerly), Test Robots
Meetable Character? No

The Ultimate Proto-Bot 10,000, also known as the Protobot, is a giant robot in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force that the Test Bots created using drawings from Gary's Notebook. They used items around Club Penguin Island such as The Stage Ticket Booth, the innertubes from the Dock and Ski Village, the Aqua Grabber cockpit bubble and red tubes, a mine cart, the Boiler Room boiler, two Night Club Speakers and other items from the test bots. The Ultimate Proto-Bot kidnaps Gary and the Elite Puffles. The player must stop the Ultimate Proto-Bot and rescue Gary and the Elite Puffles. In the video game, the Ultimate Proto-Bot is 3D, except for in certain sequences and in Jet Pack Adventure. When you defeat the Robot, you will be promoted and you have finished the major missions. You must use the Elite Puffles during the battle.


Elite Penguin Force series (2008-2010)[edit]

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force[edit]

Protobot was created in 2008 by the Test Robots after they went haywire. He kidnapped Gary and all of the Elite Puffles, however the player (you) saves them. Protobot was left in ruins on the Tallest Mountain. However, it wasn't there during the Festival of Flight.


In Herbert's Revenge, Herbert helps the EPF by dropping his statue in the Mine Shack, which plugs the hole and saves the island. In doing so, his hot air balloon went out of control, and presumably went to the Tallest Mountain. That is where Herbert re-built Protobot, and they became friends.

Modern Days (2011-2013)[edit]

In 2010, Herbert started rebuilding the Protobot and the Test Bots. As he was trying to rebuild it, G reported to us by the Field-Ops that many objects were being stolen. In 2011, Protobot attacked the EPF System Defender in Level 5. As Protobot and Herbert kept attacking the EPF with different schemes in early 2011, Herbert was getting fed up with Protobot and the Test Bots. During the Earth Day 2011, Protobot had a plan that Herbert thought was "crazy", so he gave the EPF a hint on Protobot's location. The EPF stopped Protobot's plan and destroyed Wheel Bot, which caused Protobot to retreat. In May, Herbert did not like that Protobot wanted to destroy the EPF. So, he gave the EPF Protobot's location. During Field-Op 44 Protobot was severely damaged by the EPF's tactical H20 water cannons. He escaped, but he had a system failure in the Wilderness North of the Cove, which caused him to "shut down".

In issue 345 of the Club Penguin Times (released in May 2012), two hikers reported to find a strange contraption in the Wilderness above the Cove. The "contraption" was indeed a destroyed Protobot, as proved by the picture included with the newspaper article. In Issue #346 of the Club Penguin Times, Protobot announced that the Purple Meteor has revived its circuits and he is trying to take over Club Penguin. He built "Destructobot", a giant robot that could be battled in the Downtown during the Marvel Superhero Takeover. He was the main villain of that party, and was seen around the island until Field-Op 92[1].

He also appeared in the book Agent Rookie's Secret Mission, where he attacked the EPF and the reader and Rookie had to try and defeat him.

He returned again at the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013, having pretty much the same role as last time. In issue 392 of the Club Penguin Times, Protobot announced that the crystals restored his power and began an attack on Pengtropolis. Ask UP10K also replaced Ask Aunt Arctic on the villain side of the page.

The Big Return (4014)[edit]

Protobot returned in May 2014 during the Future Party. Gary said that Gary 3000 has spotted him in the future, so Gary built a time portal at the Snow Forts to go to the future and stop Protobot. In the future, Protobot is a huge robot that launches meteors[2]. He creates a portal from the sphere in his body and the meteors come from the portal on their way to hit the island. He is now a war robot and can shoot missiles from his shoulder and laser from his arms. He returned along with the Test Bots to steal Gary 3000's secret space travel technology so he can control all the planets in the galaxy[3]. However, 2014 penguins defeat both Protobot and the Test Bots joining the Extra-Planetary Federation and attacking them using the robos. When the Protobot is defeated, he short-circuits and is thrown to space, fading in the background.


  • In Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, the Ultimate Proto-Bot is made with computer animation unlike anything else in the game. This explains why it looks three-dimensional.
  • When you defeat the Ultimate Proto-Bot in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, you always have to use the last Elite Puffle you rescued. Blast is the first, and Pop is the last.
  • Instead of referring to Herbert by his real name, the Proto-Bot just calls him Polar Bear. This irritates him as proven in Field-Op 34 and an EPF Spy Phone message from March 27, 2011. However, in Field-Op 40, the Protobot called him Herbert. However, Herbert does this in return, calling him Ultimate Pea-brain 10,000, Proto-bumbler, and an overgrown toaster.
  • In the Test Bots original plan, the vault door of the Gift Shop would also be a part of Protobot's body (probably a shield), but the Elite Penguin Force Agents stopped them.
  • If the Test Bots had succeeded on stealing the vault door and making it Protobot's shield, it would be way harder to defeat the Protobot and he would be almost invincible.
  • According to Jet Pack Guy, the Protobot can control eletronics, causing them to misbehave[4].
  • Oddly enough, in the EPF files[5] there are photos[6][7] of the Protobot appearing in Operation: Blackout rooms, even though he was supposed to be destroyed at that time since Marvel Superhero Takeover 2012 ended and Herbert was the main villain during the Blackout.
  • When the Protobot hits you in the Future Party, your body burns.
  • According to Gary 3000, after stealing the EPF secret, Protobot would simply destroy our planet and then move on to the next[8], similar to Galactus.
  • In the future, Protobot's body is not made of parts of Club Penguin anymore. Just his head still the same with the Aqua Grabber cockpit broken in flame shape.


These are the parts the Ultimate Proto-Bot is made out of.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Protótipo de Destruição Total 10000
French Proto-bot Ultra 10 000
Spanish ProtoBot de Última Generación 10000
German Ultimativer Protobot 10.000
Russian Универсальный протобот

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