UFO (room)

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Where Above Club Penguin
Opened November 3, 2015
Closed Still open.
Mini-Games None
ID 437
Tour Description

UFO is a room in which penguins appear after being abducted. Penguins are given the Tinfoil Hat, they cannot move and after short while they are transported back to the original room. After the start of the Operation: Crustacean, the same looking room called the UFO Observatory was made accessible.


In the background of the room there is a large segmented window with a frame resembling an Alien Puffle. In the window, one can see stars. Originally the view also contained the Planet but it was removed after the UFO was stationed in Area 501.

The room is circular, and large speakers are placed around its perimeter. In the inner circle there are various holographic displays featuring variations on classical arcade games like Breakout, Pong. Two large purple dice hang suspended from the ceiling.

The middle of the room contains four lighted platforms, atop the largest one the player is placed for examination. In the lower left there is also a ladder that would lead to the main room of the UFO if player were able to move.


Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese OVNI
French L'OVNI
Spanish OVNI
German Released after Sunset
Russian Released after Sunset