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Full Name Tusk
Species Walrus
Position Master of Snow
Appeared Card-Jitsu Snow
Color Brown
Clothing Normal
Helmet, Cloak, Suit, Arm Armor
Card-Jitsu Belts
Related To Unknown
Friends With Scrap, Tank, Sly, Sensei (formerly)
Meetable Character? No
I devoted my focus to one goal: I would master snow, I would take revenge!
— Tusk

Tusk is a walrus and Sensei's former best friend. Tusk seems to have a hatred for Sensei and his Ninjas because of his jealousy. You can battle him after receiving the Snow Gem in your Amulet.


Background History[edit]

Tusk was Sensei's former best friend when they were both young. After they both began training in Card-Jitsu their friendship split apart. Soon, on a sunny day, Sensei challenged Tusk to a Card-Jitsu Snow battle. When Tusk created a huge snowball and Sensei deflected it, an avalanche was created. One of his tusks broke that day and Tusk was buried in the snow for years. Tusk decided to take revenge on Sensei by mastering the element of snow.


He sent Sly, Scrap and Tank to defeat Sensei and the ninjas, but the final battle was against him. After Tusk was defeated by 3 ninjas and Sensei, he vanished claiming he would return. Tusk has not been heard from since.


Card-Jitsu Saga[edit]

Card-Jitsu Snow[edit]



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