Treasure Hunt

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Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt board.
Players 2
Minigame Location Captain's Quarters
Beach (Before and during the Rockhopper's Quest).
Date released 2008
Stamps awarded Yes (5)

Treasure Hunt is a multi-player game that is located in the Captain's Quarters room aboard the Migrator. While playing, both players work together to find buried treasure hidden inside a sandbox. It is played in a grid format, with each box representing a piece/part of treasure. You can find coins (worth 1 Club Penguin coin each), rubies (worth 25 coins each), and even an emerald (worth a bonus of 100 coins). You can also tell where coins or rubies are, when a sparkle appears in the sand. This indicates that treasure is underneath that spot. This game can only be played when the Migrator is on Club Penguin. However, when Rockhopper leaves, you cannot play this game until his next visit. Before and during the Rockhopper's Quest, it was located in the Beach.

Penguins playing Treasure Hunt in the Captain's Quarters, located in the Migrator.

How to Play[edit]

Objective of the Game[edit]

Players work together to uncover as much buried treasure as they can before they run out of turns, or shovels.

The Board[edit]

Each player has a side of the board (top and left) and controls where along his or her side of the board sand is dug up from. Therefore, if a player has the horizontal game play, they cannot dig vertically.

How to Play[edit]

Players alternate turns and have 6 turns each. Player 1 selects where a row of sand is dug up and Player 2 selects where a column of sand is dug up. Where the rows and columns intersect, the sand is dug all the way down to where the treasure may be.

Shines in the Sand[edit]

Look out for sparkles in the sand. This usually indicates where a piece of treasure is buried.

Ending the Game[edit]

The game is over when both players have used all six of their turns. All completely revealed treasure on the board has their coin values added up and each player receives that many coins. The more treasure you find, the greater the reward.



Name Description
Gem Skills stamp Uncover 2 gems in a single game.
Collector stamp Collect 8 coins in a single game


Name Description
In the Rough stamp Find a rare treasure.
Gem Expert stamp Uncover a gem in only 3 moves.


Name Description
Gem Pro stamp Uncover 2 gems in only 6 moves.


  • During Rockhopper's visit in August 2008, the game was glitched for the first few days and could not be played, but was then put back up.

Christmas Edition[edit]

The Christmas Edition of Treasure Hunt.

In December 2008, Rockhopper went "overboard" in decorating the Migrator for Christmas. The Treasure Hunt was changed for the season. Coins were replaced with peppermints, rubies were replaced with candy canes, and emeralds were replaced with ornaments. This edition returns annually during the Holiday Party when Rockhopper visits the island. Also, the treasures are buried in snow instead of sand.

Gallery of treasures[edit]

Look at the gallery below:


  • Unlike all the other games, if you get all the stamps for this game, you will not get double coins.
  • This is the only game in Club Penguin that is only available for a short period of time.
  • When Rockhopper visited for April 2014, gems was labeled eggs like it said during Dino Dig.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Caça ao Tesouro
French Chasse au Trésor
Spanish Búsqueda del tesoro
German Schatzsuche
Russian Охота за сокровищами


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