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Tourdude (AKA Tourdude 3000)
Full Name Tourguide
Species Penguin
Position Tour Guide
Appeared Club Penguin Times, Introduction to Club Penguin
Color Aqua (Yellow for the Tourdude 3000)
Clothing Tourdude – Tour Guide Headband, The Brady, Yellow Snorkel, Mullet Necktie, Classy T-Shirt

Tourdude 3000 – Tour Guide Hat, Space Cadet Jetpack, Holo DJ Suit

Related To  ?
Friends With  ?
Meetable Character? No

Tourdude (also known as Tourdude 3000) is a well-known Tour Guide in Club Penguin, who made his first appearance at the Introduction to Club Penguin in December 2013. He appeared in the Club Penguin Times during the Future Party, as the futuristic version of Tourdude.




  • Tourdude wears two head items at the same time, while his future self, Tourdude 3000 wears one head item.
  • Tourdude is the only penguin to wear the Tour Guide Headband.

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