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The Tour Booth is a small stand in the Ski Village where penguins can take a quiz to be a Tour Guide and read the book How to be a Great Tour Guide. The booth used to be in the Plaza, but was moved to the Ski Village when the Forest was released to the public. The Tour Booth was updated with the Ski Village on December 5, 2012.

The Tour Booth.


  • One Card-Jitsu Power Card features the Tour Booth.


See this article for more details.

Once you become a tour guide, you can read the book How to be a Great Tour Guide by clicking on the Tour Booth.

Tour Guides[edit]

Because this is a tour booth, many tour guides usually stay near the booth and hold up their TOURS HERE sign to attract penguins looking for a tour.

Tour Guide test[edit]

To be a tour guide you must have at least seven correct answers in a test about puffles, games and locations of items in Club Penguin. Once a penguin passes the test, they are officially tour guides and receive a Tour Guide hat, which lets penguins hold up their TOURS HERE sign and use the "Give a Tour" function.

Joining a tour[edit]

If a player wants a tour, then they should go near a penguin holding up a "TOURS HERE" sign and ask for a tour.


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