Time Trekker 3000

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This article is about the Time Trekker invention. Were you looking for the party room named Time Trekker?
The Time Trekker 3000

The Time Trekker 3000 is an invention that is going to be used to bring Club Penguin into prehistoric times for the Prehistoric Party 2013 and 2014. Interestingly, at the Halloween Party 2012 you could see it fly by in the binoculars in the Attic. On May 2014, Gary used it to go to the future.


The Time Trekker was originally the Snow Trekker, that Gary had made into an Ice Cream Trekker.


The Time Trekker 3000 is given the shape of a Snow Cat. On the front has two headlights and a gear with a clock on it. Inside is a table with a clock on it with a gear mat.