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Tickets are an additional currency in Club Penguin, temporarily added during The Fairs. To earn tickets, one must play Fall Fair games or in the Bulls Eye, Digital World, Buccaneer Boats, Marooned Lagoon during The Fair 2014 and 2015 or Medieval Monsters (only in The Fair 2015). Tickets can be redeemed at Prize Booth. Before 2012, if someone were to log off with unused tickets, they would have to be re-earned. After The Fair 2012, if the player log off, the tickets will not be lost.

The Ticket Icon.
The old Ticket Icon.
Prizes that could be exchanged for tickets at the Forest in 2008
The Member Prize Booth located at the Arcade Circle during the Fall Fair 2008.

List of Prizes[edit]

See Prize Booth


During the Fall Fair 2008, there was a ticket glitch that gave players unlimited tickets with the Grab and Spin game. This bug occurred again on The Fair 2011 with the game Spin to Win.

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