Three Little Islands

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The Three Little Islands.
The map in the Ship Hold.
The Three Little Icebergs.

The Three Little Islands are tiny islands located northwest of Club Penguin Island, near the shore next to the Ski Hill; according to maps located in the Spy Headquarters and the Ship Hold.


When the hidden map is zoomed in, it reveals that the dotted line leads to a black dot, which has no island on it. However, this dot may be Rockhopper Island, but he did not draw it, or Penguins will discover the island. [citation needed]


  • Many penguins think that the three islands (Swashbuckler Trading Post, Dinosaur Island and Shipwreck Island) opened at the Rockhopper's Quest are the three little islands. This is a rumour which is likely true.[1]
    • However, if they are the three little islands, then the maps are incorrect. They're incorrect because the islands are located Southwest of the island, not Northwest and they're too small to be the islands of Rockhopper's Quest.
  • Some believe that the three little islands are the three small icebergs seen on the renovated Ski Hill.
    • This rumour is most likely true. They are small as the three little islands, they are located exactly in the same place where the three little islands are and there are two small icebergs and one a bit bigger just like the three little islands.

Sources and References[edit]

  1. Rockhopper's maps are always a bit wonky, so I am not sure how accurate they are. However, he is quite the expert when it comes to sailing around the seas and exploring new places. Therefore, I think it's likely that you are correct about the islands - Swashbuckler's Trading Post, Dinosaur Island and Shipwreck Island. -Club Penguin Support