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The Thingamajig 3000, 3001, 3002, etc. is a machine in the Gadget Room that never works well. This is one of Gary's inventions that doesn't work. Another similar invention is the Thingamabob 3000. They resemble Rube Goldbergs.
The whole Thingamajig.

Thingamajig Versions[edit]

There are so far eight versions of the Thingamajig:

Thingamajig 3000[edit]

The Thingamajig 3000 attempted to make hot chocolate, but when it attempted to dispense the cup, the hot chocolate, and the marshmallows, the cup bounced off the machine first, followed by the hot chocolate pouring on the machine where the cup should have been, then the marshmallows bounced off the hot chocolate and onto the floor.

Thingamajig 3001[edit]

The Thingamajig 3001 made toast but it got burnt to a crisp.

Thingamajig 3002[edit]

The Thingamajig 3002 made a house of cards but when the final card was being put down the metal hand destroyed it.

Thingamajig 3003[edit]

The Thingamajig 3003 was a fishing area but the fishing line only caught a boot.

Thingamajig 3004[edit]

The Thingamajig 3004 tried to put a ball in a cup, but the ball missed. The machine then gave up.

Thingamajig 3005[edit]

The Thingamajig 3005 tried to dust a vase, but the machine broke it. It also broke itself.

All that's left[edit]

In Mission 9, the machine was broken down. In Mission 10, there was a box of parts from the Thingamajig.

Thingamabob 3000[edit]

See main article: Thingamabob 3000

In The Veggie Villain, there was a different Thingamajig. It worked the same, but used a few different things before putting a lamp above some corns, which failed and turned the corn into popcorn.


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