Thingamabob 3000

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The Thingamabob 3000.

The Thingamabob 3000 is one of Gary the Gadget Guy's inventions. It is related to the Thingamajig series which was seen in Missions 4-10. The Thingamabob has only been seen once, in Mission #11: The Veggie Villain. Just like the Thingamajig, it too fails to do was it was built to do. When the curtain opens, a miniature corn field is held under a bright light. The corn pops into popcorn and scatters all over the floor. It may have been destroyed along with the Gadget Room, HQ and Sport Shop.


  • The Thingamabob 3000 was released in Mission 11 and as the PSA and its HQ were destroyed in the mission, this invention was never seen again.

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