Thin Ice

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Thin Ice

The logo of Thin Ice
Players 1 (single player)
Minigame Location Dance Lounge
Date released December 19, 2006
Stamps awarded Yes (9)

Thin Ice is a game that is in the Dance Lounge and is styled around a classic arcade game. The aim of the game is that the player must steer a black puffle that is on fire (probably by the effects of O-Berries) through a maze covered in ice, melting as many ice squares as they possibly can along the way - while collecting items such as coin bags to earn additional coins. There are no lives, and levels can be passed without completing them. There are 18 levels in total. At the end, the puffle either smiles, is unhappy, or angry depending on how well you did in the game.

Stamp integration[edit]

Thin Ice is one of the games upgraded with the release of stamps. Members can play the full game, whilst non-members can only play the first ten levels. If a player has all the stamps about Thin Ice, they will get double the coins they win in the game (scoring the equivalent of 200 coins will give the player 400 coins).

Appearances in-game[edit]



Name Description
1 Coin Bag stamp Collect 1 coin bag.


Name Description
3 Coin Bags stamp Collect 3 coin bags.
6 Coin Bags stamp Collect 6 coin bags.
Iced Treasure stamp (members only) Find the iced treasure room.


Name Description
10 Coin Bags stamp (members only) Collect 10 coin bags.
Ice Bonus stamp Completely melt 480 ice tiles.
Ice Trekker stamp (members only) Push all blocks to the correct position.


Name Description
All Coin Bags stamp (members only) Collect all coin bags on every level.
Ice Master stamp (members only) Master all the mazes.


  • During the 2008 April Fool's Party, both Thin Ice and Astro Barrier were shut down and replaced with a new game, Thinicetrobarrier. At the end of the party, the game was removed.
  • Unlike Astro Barrier, you can "reset" the game and not lose a life.
  • You will be able to melt 900 tiles in 12 levels.
  • There is a game on the Intellivision called Thin Ice with a similar goal.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Gelo Fino
French Chaud Devant
Spanish Hielo fino
German Dünnes Eis
Russian Тонкий лёд



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