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Mission 11, named The Veggie Villain, is the final PSA mission. It was released May 17, 2010 and was highly anticipated because of the long wait time between it and its predecessor, about 7 months.


  • The Club Penguin Team showed a sneak peek of the mission in October 2009. They hinted that something big will be coming soon.
  • On a You Decide! blog post, players could choose a pair of Spy Sunglasses that you could earn from completing Mission 11. They also showed a hint about a new agent who will be helping other agents, as shown on the picture. Penguins immediately recognized the agent and it was Dot.
  • During a New Year's Eve blog post, a picture of Herbert was posted, this showed players that Mission 11 was on the way in 2010.
  • Also on the 1st March 2010, a picture of Herbert with a computer and a microphone was shown. The blog said that In a few months, agents will use their skills against a very determined Herbert...
  • On April 1 the Penguin Times Newspaper had a Featured Article on warm places and there was a Yeti Penguin, which if you looked carefully in the picture of it you could see that it was Herbert inside a yeti costume, as the eyes are Herbert's. He also commented on things that happened on previous missions like how hard it would be to knock down the lodge, noticing a patch up job on the wall next to the boiler, etc.
  • On April 26, 2010, a sneak peek was shown on the blog. It was a picture of some sad penguins watching a video with Herbert in it at the Ski Village. The mission was also stated to be released at the end of May.
  • In the 238th newspaper issue, you are able to read a hidden message from Herbert which tells that the new mission will be coming on 18 May.
  • In the 239th issue there was another meassage confirming what the coded message meant, it was hidden in the classified file.
  • The Club Penguin Team revealed the name as "The Veggie Villain".
  • On May 10, 2010, a sneak peek was released on the Club Penguin Blog announcing the mission name (The Veggie Villain) and the release date—May 18, 2010, but it has been changed to May 17, 2010.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. Click “Expand” to view spoilers.

In the beginning, G informs you of several missing items from the gift shop, and you find two piles of corn seeds after investigating. G calls you, but the signal is lost and the Spy Phone's teleporter stops working. Herbert hacks into the PSA computers with the computer he stole from the Gift Shop Manager's office. G shuts down all of the technology. Herbert attempts to broadcast all over Club Penguin and blow the PSA's cover. You stop the video feed by inserting Night of the Living Sled disc (it's under the piano in the Lighthouse into the DVD player. You will need to clean it with cleaning supplies also found in the lighthouse. You must solve a puzzle to track down the signal to shut off the audio source. You must go through a corn maze to reach Herbert. (Follow his paw prints to receive a map and piece of wood. Go backwards and take the paths marked with a Watering Can, Corn Seeds, Fertilizer, Hot Sauce, and Java Beans.) Use the wood to cross the river. Put the corn seeds in the torch to lower the ladder. Unplug Herbert's computer. He warps you and a popcorn bomb to the HQ. He locks down the HQ. Click the orange book under the Club Penguin map and solve the puzzle. Dot will pop out of the closet and warp you all outside (the EPF technology is fine.) Popcorn shoots all over the Ski Village just as you appear in it. G gets a call from the Director, announcing the shutting down of the PSA, as the HQ is destroyed.

Extra Credit: In the lighthouse, pick up the can next to the ship wheel, and go to the Gadget Room. Put the can in the Test Chamber, and click water, then ice. Take the ice to the Beacon, and give it to Rory. He will give you a lens to fix Dancing Penguin's glasses at the Ski Hill.

Gift: Medal and Letter from Dot. If you click the red button, you get Free Spy Goggles.

Spoilers end here.

Secret message[edit]

In the 238th issue of the Club Penguin Times, there was a secret message regarding Mission 11. It could be accessed by clicking on the mail on the "Events" page. Part of the letter is written in code. To decode it, the unknown letter is the first letter of the flag's country. After it is decoded, the secret message from Herbert P. Bear reads:

Dear Penguin Silly Agency
Look Sharp Agent...
I'll see you on May 18.
-Herbert P. Bear.

When the player pressed "X", the paper was destroyed with the Shredder.


During November, a You Decide! blog post was posted. In it, there was a pick between 3 Spy Sunglasses that players could earn by completing Mission 11. Choice 2 won. At the bottom of the blog post, it had said that there was a new agent on the way that will be helping other agents from Mission 11 onwards. This agent was recognized by most players who had Elite Penguin Force (EPF), and they thought that this new agent was Dot the Disguise Gal, but in a different costume with different hair. This was later confirmed that the penguin is Dot.


  • A cornfield is seen at the Mine Shack, but it is unknown how it grew. Herbert might have used the seeds that he dropped to plant them and hide in the fields. Strangely, it was only seen in the mission.
  • It is connected with Herbert's Revenge for the Nintendo DS, as the story of the mission continue there.
  • There is a reference to Circlevision, which a ride system used in various Disney parks, in the console that Herbert uses to transmit his video feed during the mission.
  • Strangely, the Recycling Plant and Community Garden cannot be seen when you go to the Mine Shack.


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