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The Club Penguin Times' headline logo.

Club Penguin Times (formerly known as The Penguin Times before Issue 100, also known as Club Herbert Times during the Operation: Blackout and as Imperial Times during the Star Wars Rebels Takeover) is Club Penguin's local newspaper, which comes out every Thursday. Prior to July 2011, the newspaper was released every Friday. It is one of the only sources of information, other than books. Aunt Arctic is its editor-in-chief, as well as its formal help columnist. On November 18, 2010 the newspaper got a new look. Now, there are only two pages and you have to scroll. This is to help the Club Penguin team to work on things other than the newspaper. Their headquarters has been the Book Room since the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012 started.

Sections of the new format[edit]


  • News Flash
  • Feature Story
  • Support Story
  • Upcoming Events
  • Island Rumors (sometimes)
  • Ask Aunt Arctic


  • Ask Aunt Arctic (sometimes)
  • Bonus Story (sometimes)
  • Comics (sometimes)
  • Jokes and Riddles
  • Secrets
  • Get Published
  • Poem (since Issue 400)

Sections of the old format[edit]

Aunt Arctic celebrating the 100th Issue of The Penguin Times.
The article celebrating the 150th issue of The Penguin Times.
  • 'A' section (featured stories):
    • Top stories
  • 'B' section (regular features):
  • 'C' section (Extras):
    • Jokes
    • Riddles
    • Poetry
    • Bonus Puzzle (every other week)
    • Upcoming Events
    • Fan Comics
    • Sensei's Fortune Cookie (only appears when something is soon to occur concerning ninjas)
  • 'D' section (Notices):
    • Submit your Content

Note: The Reviewed by You Section was moved to the What's New Blog in May 2009, and the Technical News Section was moved to the What's New Blog in February 2006 as it is more close to the real life than the game.

In Focus Tours[edit]

Starting in issue #125 up to #253, and returning in issue #399, a section called In Focus began running in the Club Penguin Times, here is a list of every topic discussed of In Focus:

  • Issue 125: Ski Lodge
  • Issue 126: The Lighthouse
  • Issue 127: Snow Forts & Ice Rink
  • Issue 128: Secret Rooms
  • Issue 129: Night Club
  • Issue 130: Pizza Parlor
  • Issue 131: Beach + Dock
  • Issue 132: Ski Village + Mountain
  • Issue 133: Forest
  • Issue 134: Underground
  • Issue 135: Stage
  • Issue 136: Coffee Shop
  • Issue 137: Igloos
  • Issue 138: Shopping
  • Issue 139: Pet Shop
  • Issue 140: Sports
  • Issue 141: Ski Lodge (2nd time)
  • Issue 142: Migrator
  • Issue 143: Jobs
  • Issue 144: Race
  • Issue 145: Vehicles
  • Issue 146: Cuisine
  • Issue 147: Jet Pack Adventure
  • Issue 148: Plaza
  • Issue 149: A Waddle Down Memory Lane
  • Issue 150: A Waddle Down Memory Lane (2nd time)
  • Issue 151: Aqua Grabber
  • Issue 152: Night Club (2nd time)
  • Issue 153: Surf's Up
  • Issue 154: Serious Sledding
  • Issue 155: Fall Fair
  • Issue 156: Secret Rooms (2nd time)
  • Issue 157: Puffles
  • Issue 158: Relaxing
  • Issue 159: Halloween Party
  • Issue 160: Coffee Shop
  • Issue 161: Forest (2nd time)
  • Issue 162: Secret Rooms (3rd time)
  • Issue 163: Pizza Parlor (2nd time)
  • Issue 164: Ski Hill (2nd time)
  • Issue 165: Coins For Change
  • Issue 166: Snow Forts & Ice Rink (2nd time)
  • Issue 167: Ski Lodge (3rd time)
  • Issue 168: Forest (3rd time)
  • Issue 169: Underground (2nd time)
  • Issue 170: Shopping (2nd time)
  • Issue 171: Race (2nd time)
  • Issue 172: Dojo
  • Issue 173: Surf' Up (2nd time)
  • Issue 174: Puffles (2nd time)
  • Issue 175: Puffles (3rd time)
  • Issue 176: The Migrator (2nd time)
  • Issue 177: The Stage (2nd time)
  • Issue 178: Cuisine (2nd time)
  • Issue 179: Fairy Fables
  • Issue 180: Action Plays
  • Issue 181: April Fools Party
  • Issue 182: Vehicles (2nd time)
  • Issue 183: Sports (2nd time)
  • Issue 184: Serious Sledding (2nd time)
  • Issue 185: Shopping (3rd time)
  • Issue 186: Haunting of the Viking Opera
  • Issue 187: Relaxing (2nd time)
  • Issue 188: Cuisine (3rd time)
  • Issue 189: Migrator (3rd time)
  • Issue 190: Card-Jitsu
  • Issue 191: Fairy Fables (2nd time)
  • Issue 192: Aqua Grabber (2nd time)
  • Issue 193: Surf's Up (3rd time)
  • Issue 194: Pizza Parlor (3rd time)
  • Issue 195: Ruby and the Ruby
  • Issue 196: Backstage
  • Issue 197: Night Club (3rd time)
  • Issue 198: Igloos (2nd time)
  • Issue 199: Cuisine (4th time)
  • Issue 200: A Waddle Down Memory Lane (3rd time)
  • Issue 201: Jet Pack Adventure (2nd time)
  • Issue 202: Soccer
  • Issue 203: The Migrator (4th time)
  • Issue 204: Dojo (2nd time)
  • Issue 205: The Penguins that Time Forgot
  • Issue 206: Secret Rooms (4th time)
  • Issue 207: Jobs! (2nd time)
  • Issue 208: Forest (4th time)
  • Issue 209: A Waddle Down Memory Lane (4th time)
  • Issue 210: Card-Jitsu (2nd time)
  • Issue 211: Spooky Tours
  • Issue 212: Ski Village and Mountain (Heights!)
  • Issue 213: Coffee Shop (2nd time)
  • Issue 214: Norman Swarm has been Transformed
  • Issue 215: Puffle Paradise
  • Issue 216: Card-Jitsu Fire
  • Issue 217: Coins for Change (2nd time)
  • Issue 218: Snow Forts & Ice Rink (3rd time)
  • Issue 219: The Night Club (4th time)
  • Issue 220: Relaxing (3rd time)
  • Issue 221: Serious Sledding! (3rd time)
  • Issue 222: Aqua Grabber (3rd time)
  • Issue 223: Fairy Fables (3rd time)
  • Issue 224: Underground Areas
  • Issue 225: Vehicles (3rd time)
  • Issue 226: Catchin' Waves
  • Issue 227: Puffle Party
  • Issue 228: The Plaza
  • Issue 229: The Dojo
  • Issue 230: Race
  • Issue 231: The Forest and Cove
  • Issue 232: Action plays
  • Issue 233: Warmest places
  • Issue 234: Sizzling sports
  • Issue 235: Ski Lodge (4th time)
  • Issue 236: Night Club (5th time)
  • Issue 237: Jetpack Adventure (2nd time)
  • Issue 238: Card-Jitsu Fire (2nd time)
  • Issue 239: Coffee Shop (3rd time)
  • Issue 240: Catchin' Waves (2nd time)
  • Issue 241: Cuisine (5th time)
  • Issue 242: Puffle Paradise
  • Issue 243: Ruby and the Ruby (2nd time)
  • Issue 244: Serious Sledding! (4th time)
  • Issue 245: Migrator (5th time)
  • Issue 246: Aqua Grabber (4th time)
  • Issue 247: Ski Village and Mountain (2nd time)
  • Issue 248: Soccer (2nd time)
  • Issue 249: Jetpack Adventure (3rd time)
  • Issue 250: Relaxing (4th time)
  • Issue 251: Catchin' Waves (3rd time)
  • Issue 252: Puffles (4th time)
  • Issue 253: Card-Jitsu (3rd time)
  • Issue 399: The Forest and Cove (2nd time)

News Flash[edit]

The News Flash section has been running in the Club Penguin Times since Issue 296. Here is a list of the Newsflashes.

  • Issue 296: Rockin' parties have been spotted in igloos all over the island. To join a rock star's party, click the (igloo) on your map. Don't forget your instrument!
  • Issue 297: Ninja tea parties! Between intense matches, Water Ninjas and Fire Ninjas have been drinking tea together. Join in the tradition with Tea Ceremony robes from the Martial Artworks catalog.
  • Issue 298: Mapmakers reveal new island map! Games, places, shopping and pets are now easier to find. Check out the new look by clicking the map in the bottom left of your screen.
  • Issue 299: Sailor songs and mermaid melodies out now! Get new tracks for your igloo and invite your shipmates for a sea shanty sing-along. Arr!
  • Issue 300: Challenge the cranky crab in the Hidden Lake! To crack his shell game, be sure to snap up the blue crab costume. Remember-you can get to the Hidden Lake by exploring the Mine.
  • Issue 301: Clickety click! The island is crawling with crabs! Causes are unclear, but one thing is certain: curious crustaceans are cropping up everywhere!
  • Issue 302: Race to the Gift Shop for the latest extreme sports gear. Suit up with snow and stunt equipment in the Penguin Style catalog!
  • Issue 303: Ramp up your igloo with new furniture from Better Igloos! Half-pipes and foam pits can make any igloo EXTREME! Scope the catalog in your igloo!
  • Issue 304: Team Blue and Team Red are competing now at the Stage! Wear your favorite team color and join the rally. Just watch out for flying dodgeballs!
  • Issue 305: Earn new Party stamps for your Stamp Book. Climbers are scaling peaks to earn The Mountaineer. Agents are dodging obstacles for the Stunt Penguin. And members are earning The Snowboarder by showing off tricks in party rooms!
  • Issue 306: Traffic alert! Runaway roosters are causing cock-a-doodle chaos outside the Gift Shop. Drivers are reminded to use caution, and the (music emote) when traveling.
  • Issue 307: Circus-themed igloos are popping up all over the island! Spellbound audiences are reminded to take caution. When daredevils leap through flaming rings of fire - stand back!
  • Issue 472: Migrator, ahoy! Check the telescope on top of the Lighthouse.
  • Issue 473: Celebrate one year of gold puffles. Wear your best bling to the Gold Mine!
  • Issue 474: Only 28 days until the Holidays! Don't save your sandwiches, save your coins! - Rookie
  • Issue 475: Customers at the Pizza Parlor are asked to not cut slices with their swords.
  • Issue 476: December is here. Show your holiday spirit with a Tree mob in the Cove!
  • Issue 477: Blast your best holiday songs at the Dance Club.
  • Issue 478: Snow Ninjas! Make it snow at the Dojo to celebrate the season!
  • Issue 479: Toy makers are needed at the School! Rush orders are still coming in!
  • Issue 480: Ring in the New Year with big flashy lights! Head to the Ski Hill to watch the fireworks!
  • Issue 481: The Puffle Park is hopping with new species of puffles! Because bunnies.
  • Issue 482: Adventurers gather in the Gold Mine to search for hidden passages!
  • Issue 483: Fruit prices have increased due to recent theft. Please report any information to the nearest stormtrooper.
  • Issue 484: Stormtroopers request help to stop rebel groups. Sign up today!
  • Issue 485: Practice your instrument and start a band at the Lighthouse!
  • Issue 486: Monster cheerleader tryouts at Club Penguin University!
  • Issue 487: Smoothies need smashing at the Coffee Shop!
  • Issue 488: Looking to hangout after a concert? Come to an after-party in the Limo at the Plaza.
  • Issue 489: Pi day is March 14. Bring calculators and pie! Lots of pie! We like apple, and pumpkin, and rhubarb, and SIN/COS functions.
  • Issue 490: The new Lodge is almost finished! Check out the home of the Puffle Guides before the big launch next week!
  • Issue 491: Pirate restaurants gaining popularity, despite stinky cheese menu.
  • Issue 492: Explore the island and enjoy Puffle Party favorites like the obstacle course at the Rink and the zoo at the Dock!
  • Issue 493: Sneaker heads are comparing their new kicks at the Clothes Shop. What do you think of these styles?
  • Issue 494: Visitors to the Ski Hill are asked not to loosen the belt that is holding the chair lift together. It is a precision instrument!
  • Issue 495: Bring your noisemakers and horns and toot blasters to Club Penguin University. It's Spring Break and it's going to get LOUD!
  • Issue 496: Happy Sunggle-a-Snowgie day! Each one is like a snowman marshmallow. Except not like Marshmallow, the snowman.
  • Issue 497: Check out the Palace in the Dock for a tour of where the royalty live. Or just slide down the banister!
  • Issue 498: Vegetarian week starts on May 18! Celebrate by cooking up your best veggie recipes.
  • Issue 499: Dress up as your favorite character and take selfies on rides at the Fair!
  • Issue 500: Ride attendants needed! Robos at Galaxy Park, dragons to Ye Olde Castle and scurvy pirate crabs to the Pirate Park!
  • Issue 501: Fair fashions making a big splash. Especially the butterfly mermaids
  • Issue 502: Clowns thanked Rookie for the successful Fair by making him a pie. So far, it's still sitting on his doorstep while he cowers in his igloo.
  • Issue 503: There are rumors that some of the new Stage Igloos are haunted by a phantom! Form a ghost-hunting brigade and find out!
  • Issue 504: Swimming lessons cancelled due to crocodile party in the Underground Pool.
  • Issue 505: Snow sculptures will be finished next week! Local artists celebrate!
  • Issue 506: Teachers wanted at CP university. There are positions in Skaetboarding 101, Potion Mixing 100, an Joke Writing 300.
  • Issue 507: Fishdog sellers needed at the Stadium. Man the snack carts and feed those fans.
  • Issue 508: Fashion-savvy penguins report that gold is back in. Did it ever leave?
  • Issue 509: As fun as it would be, penguins are asked NOT to open Portal Boxes while in Rockhopper's mind.
  • Issue 510: International Cat Day is coming up on August 8. How will you and your furry friends celebrate?
  • Issue 511: *Issue 511: Did you know it's International Clown Week!? Rookie sure does, so he's taking a vacation!
  • Issue 512: Ninja convention on the Iceberg! Bring your full snow ninja outfits and practice your moves.
  • Issue 513: Volunteers for the "Save the broken Aqua Grabber" foundation are meeting this week in the Hidden Lake.
  • Issue 514: Record all the big moments of Fashion Festival with a Video Camera or Camera. Available for members at the Clothes Shop!
  • Issue 515: Suit up! Members can get knight costumes in the Clothes Shop for kingdom igloo parties.
  • Issue 516: Randomly, mobs of jesters have been seen dancing around the island. This is no laughing matter!
  • Issue 517: Princesses dueling at the Snow Forts! Knights are on the scene calling for peace.
  • Issue 518: Ogre mob invades the Plaza! Turns out they just want to dance.
  • Issue 519: Penguins waving at the Epic Wave. Why not try surfing it instead?
  • Issue 520: Early holiday presents in the Sled Room! Help deliver them all over the world!
  • Issue 521: Team Red or Team Blue? Dress in your colors and race down the Ski Hill!
  • Issue 522: Go see Night of the Living Sled in the Lighthouse! A classic frightening film!
  • Issue 523: Strange rumblings heard under the Coffee Shop. Could the robots be up to something?
  • Issue 524: Everyone is getting a bad wi-fi connection around the island. What's going on?
  • Issue 525: The weather is totally normal this week. No reason to look at the sky.
  • Issue 526: Paint Festival is a hit with new visitors to the island!
  • Issue 527: Dot working on matching tinfoil skirt and handbag.
  • Issue 528: Cart Surfer lineups are long as citizens save up to donate to Coins for Change.
  • Issue 529: Snow ninjas guarantee lots of snowfall for the season. They're making nice fluffy stuff for snowballs, snow forts, and snow pizzas.
  • Issue 530: Residents near the Plaza are wearing thick toques. Either it's cold or the ringing is really loud!
  • Issue 531: Holiday cheer contagious but not spread through sneezes, say penguin medics.
  • Issue 532: Reindeer look for the last carrots around the island.
  • Issue 533: Fashion expert describes caveguin styles as totally Oonga Oonga Whop!
  • Issue 534: Alien puffles are picking up Club Penguin souvenirs to take home.
  • Issue 535: Dance with Dinosaurs nominated for Best Musical at the movie awards.

Current Issue of the Club Penguin Times (Issue #535)[edit]

Page 1:

  • Dig the Dig Sites!
  • Dino Puffle Primer
  • Newsflash
  • Ask Gary: Julianna700
  • Upcoming Events

Page 2:

  • Fan Art
  • Jokes
  • Secrets: Digging for Power Fragments
  • Get Published

Upcoming Events[edit]

Jan. 30[edit]

  • Power Source Construction - It's amazing what duct tape can do!

Feb. 3[edit]

  • Penguin Style Catalog: February fashion fiesta run!

Feb. 4[edit]

  • Scheduled UFO Launch: Prep for launch, on my command.

Find the collectible pin![edit]

  • Hidden now until February 3
  • Next pin Hidden: February 4-17

Milestone Issues[edit]

  • Issue 1 was released on October 24, 2005
  • The Penguin Times started printing in color in issue 8.
  • Issue 100 was released on September 13, 2007.
  • Issue 150 was released on August 28, 2008.
  • Issue 200 was released on August 13, 2009.
  • Issue 250 was released on July 29, 2010.
  • A revised setup of the newspaper was released on November 18, 2010.
  • Issue 300 was released on July 20, 2011.
  • Issue 350 was released on July 5, 2012.
  • Issue 400 was released on June 20, 2013.
  • Issue 450 was released on June 5, 2014.
  • Issue 500 was released on May 20, 2015.
  • Issue 550 was released on June 8, 2016.


  • Sometimes, if you mouse over the word "Jokes", extra jokes would pop up. This is a hidden secret, just like Aunt Arctic's hidden sunglasses. Many penguins do not know about this.

Newspaper Takeovers[edit]

There are many occurrences of Mascots taking over Aunt Arctic's spot in "Ask Aunt Arctic".

Penguin Event(s) Issue(s)
Gary April Fools' Party 2008
Medieval Party 2012
Halloween Party 2012
Prehistoric Party 2013
Operation: Hot Sauce
Medieval Party 2013
Pre-Prehistoric Party 2014
Halloween Party 2014
Pi Day
342 - 344
364 - 366
377 - 379
413 - 414
470 and 472
Rookie April Fools Party 2010
April Fools' Party 2011
April Fools' Party 2012
The Fair 2012
Halloween Party 2013
The Fair 2014
Penguin Cup
School & Skate Party
Halloween Party 2014
360 - 362
434 - 436
Sensei Card-Jitsu Party 2011
Card-Jitsu Party 2013
Star Wars Takeover
315 - 318
395 - 397
Rockhopper Rockhopper's Quest
Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit
Holiday Party 2012
Pre-Medieval Party 2013
Holiday Party 2013
Pirate Party 2014
330 - 332
356 - 358
373 - 375
442, 456
Puffle Handler Puffle Party 2012
Puffle Party 2013
Prehistoric Party 2014
Puffle Party 2014
Puffle Party 2015
333 - 335
386 - 388
Cadence Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam
Hollywood Party
Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam
Music Jam 2014
SoundStudio Party
351 - 353
381 - 382
455, 457
Herbert Operation: Blackout 369 - 371
Jet Pack Guy Operation: Hot Sauce 389
Ultimate Proto-Bot 10,000 Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013 392 - 393
Garugg The Ugg Ugg Prehistoric Party 2014 432
Dot Muppets World Tour
530 - 531
Gary 3000 Future Party 448-449
Merry Walrus Merry Walrus Party 479
Stormtrooper Star Wars Rebels Takeover 483
The Inquisitor Star Wars Rebels Takeover 484
Franky SoundStudio Party 488



  • The Club Penguin Times has almost as many readers as the New York Times.[1]
  • The April Fools' Party 2008 newspaper and during entire month of May 2012 and October 2012, Gary took over Aunt Arctic's Place in the "Ask Aunt Arctic" section.
  • The name is a parody of various newspapers named "The (towns name) Times" (e.g., The New York Times).
  • In issue 129 The Club Penguin Times announced that in issue 130 Aunt Arctic is going to be the chief of The Club Penguin Times.
  • In one of the issues if you put your mouse over one of the submit buttons a green puffle would appear out the window.
  • According to Gary there are Elite Penguin Force agents on the Club Penguin Times' staff.
  • As of the Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012, the Book Room is the Club Penguin Times HQ.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Club Penguin News
French Club Penguin News
Spanish Noticias de Club Penguin
German Club Penguin Rundschau
Russian Известия Клуба Пингвинов



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