The Inventor's Apprentice

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The front cover of the book.
The back cover of the book.

The Inventor's Apprentice is a real-life Club Penguin franchise book. It is the second Pick Your Path adventure book.


The book has no correct plot to it due to the fact it is a Pick Your Path. The story starts off when you are playing a game of Mancala with your friend when you get a postcard saying you won a contest. You follow a riddle and find Gary's workshop.

Color errors[edit]

  • The penguin on the cover is lavender, as a possible miscoloration of the normal purple.
  • Gary wears a yellow tie instead of a brown one in this book.


  • This book cannot be placed in the timeline of Club Penguin - the ice patches in Sled Racing apparently have not been added yet, but they always were. However Yellow Puffles and the Cove were discovered, and the Winter Luau 2006 has already taken place, meaning the year the book takes place is no earlier than 2007.