The Great Storm of 2010

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The Great Storm of 2010

The storm as seen by the binoculars at the Cove.
Members only No
When October 28, 2010 - November 15, 2010
Free Item(s) None
Mascot(s) None
Where Club Penguin Island

The Great Storm of 2010 was a weather event that started on October 28, 2010. It was first confirmed in issue #261 of The Club Penguin Times. This storm lasted longer than the others, as said by Gary in the 261st issue of The Club Penguin Times. On November 10, there was rain. It cleared up on November 15, 2010.


Gary the Gadget Guy confirmed in the Club Penguin Times that a storm would hit the Island just in time for Halloween. This was the third 'Great' Storm- the first one was in October 2008 for the Halloween Party 2008 and the second was in October 2009 for the Halloween Party 2009. Gary also mentioned that it would last longer than previous years. In the Club Penguin Times, it was confirmed that it will rain. On the 10th of November, rain started to fall, making puddles and putting out fires. On November 15th, 2010, it cleared up, and can now be seen in the Dojo Courtyard, above the Waterfall.


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