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Aunt Arctic

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Aunt Arctic
Full Name Aunt Arctic
Species Penguin
Position Writer for the Club Penguin Times
Leader of the Elite Penguin Force
Leader of the Penguin Secret Agency (formerly)
Appeared See appearances
Color Green
Clothing Normal
Hat1, Glasses, Shirt
As The Director
Black Suit
Black Sunglasses
Red Electric Guitar, Cosmic Umbrella, White Ninja Belt
Related To None
Friends With Gary the Gadget Guy, PH, Dot, Jet Pack Guy, Rookie, Sensei, Rockhopper, Cadence, Flare, Kermit the Frog
Meetable Character? Yes
She's no one's mom and everyone's favorite aunt. She's Aunt Arctic - superb penguin advice giver.
— Aunt Arctic's introduction in Club Penguin Times Issue #32

Aunt Arctic is the news reporter and editor-in-chief for the newspaper on Club Penguin Island, the Club Penguin Times. Aunt Arctic is also the founder and director of the Elite Penguin Force and formerly the Penguin Secret Agency. She has her own section in the Club Penguin Times titled "Ask Aunt Arctic". Penguins can submit questions to Aunt Arctic and lucky penguins will get responses and published in the newspaper.


2005 – 2007: Background and Joining the Penguin Times

Sometime in 2005, Aunt Arctic founded the Penguin Secret Agency and became its director. She opened up the HQ, which at the time was an empty room with a single monitor, a large board and a lamp.

Aunt Arctic started writing for the Club Penguin Times in May 2006. She created her own column titled as "Ask Aunt Arctic" where she would answer questions from anonymous players.

On June 30th, 2006, Aunt Arctic lost EleanorMae, her Green Puffle, and Scone, her purple puffle. Seeing this as an opportunity to test Secret Agents, she assigned the first missions, named "Case of the Missing Puffles".[1] Agents who were able to find her lost puffles were rewarded with a medal and a letter.

In April 2007, Aunt Arctic hid all of the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt.[2]

2008: Promotion and the Elite Penguin Force

The Director in Waddle Squad.

After working for the Penguin Times for nearly two years, on April 3, 2008, Aunt Arctic was promoted to being the Editor in Chief of the Club Penguin Times.[3] As the new Editior in Chief, Aunt Arctic added the "Reviewed by You" section of the Club Penguin Times and started publishing articles from new writers.[4]

After the Clock Tower was broken by Herbert P. Bear, Aunt Arctic as the Director and Rookie sent a public announcement through the Club Penguin Times.[5]

In the beginning of Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force, Aunt Arctic stood in the Town and told a future Elite Penguin Force agent where the latest Club Penguin Times issue is.

The future agent later reunited with Aunt Arctic as the Director in the Puffle Training Room. The Director introduced the Elite Penguin Force to the penguin and tested his or her qualifications for the job. The rising agent succeed at the tests and officially became a member of the EPF. Throughout the rest of the agent's career, the Director supports him or her by promoting him or her or giving him or her advice. After the presumed defeat of the Test Bots, the Director alerts the agent about the offline PSA I.S.E.E.U. and disappearance of the Elite Puffles. This leads the agent to the discovery of the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10,000. After Proto-Bot's defeat, the Director promotes the agent one final time and congratulates him or her on his or her achievement.

In Waddle Squad, the Director congratulates Gary for luring Herbert to the fake Gold Puffle.

2009 – 2012: Interacting with the Community

During the first Penguin Play Awards, Aunt Arctic interviewed actors and waddled around for her first time. Later that year, Aunt Arctic waddled again after being inspired by the Coins for Change generosity.[6]

Aunt Arctic returned for the second Penguin Play Awards for the same reasons as she did for the first; to interview stage actors.

After the Popcorn Explosion, the Director teleported four agents to the EPF Command Room to form a new team to take down Herbert.[7]

While not participating in any events, Aunt Arctic judged multiple igloo contests alongside with Gary the Gadget Guy,[8] Rockhopper and Rookie.

In 2011, Aunt Arctic joined the island's 6th Anniversary Party and Holiday Party 2011.

Aunt Arctic revealed as The Director

In 2012, Aunt Arctic hid the Easter Egg Hunt eggs for that year. Shortly after, Aunt Arctic came to celebrate Earth Day. During the Marvel Superhero Takeover, Aunt Arctic visited to interview super heroes in their battle against Proto-Bot and the super villain forces.

In November 2012, Aunt Arctic gave special orders during Operation: Blackout as the Director. Eventually after kidnapping Gary, Dot, Rookie and Jet Pack Guy, Herbert solved the secret behind the Director's identity. Aunt Arctic gets kidnapped by Herbert on November 24, leaving the fate of the island onto the remaining EPF agents. Once the Solar Laser was deactivated, the Director revealed her public identity to be Aunt Arctic.

At the end of 2012, Aunt Arctic's New Year's resolution was to improve her igloo decorating skills.[9]

2013 – Present

Starting 2013, Aunt Arctic started wearing a pink sweater as an addition to her regular outfit.[10] Aunt Arctic attended the Hollywood Party's Award Ceremonies to interview movie stars. In April, Aunt Arctic returned for the second Marvel Super Hero Takeover for similar reasons as she attended the first; to interview super heroes. In October 2013, Aunt Arctic celebrated Club Penguin's 8th Anniversary Party.

Being a fan of soccer, Aunt Arctic couldn't resist attending the Penguin Cup. She interviewed soccer players and kept the Island up on sports news using the Club Penguin Sports News network. After the event, Aunt Arctic put the Penguin Cup trophy in her office.[11]

In October 2014, Aunt Arctic returned to celebrate Club Penguin's 9th Anniversary.


Aunt Arctic is a green-colored penguin with red freckles. She wears a pink-colored toque, pointed glasses and a pink sweater over a white collared shirt. She has also been seen with a pencil below her toque in artwork and on her in-game avatar.

As the Director, Aunt Arctic wears sunglasses, a tie and a black suit over her pink sweater.


List of Aunt Arctic's appearances


Aunt Arctic's Dialogue
Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
No Mission
  • Today would be a nice day to go for a leisurely waddle.
    • That's me, but please call me Aunt Arctic.
    • If news is what you're after, you should read the Club Penguin Times.
      • Of course, there is a copy of this week's paper inside the Coffee Shop.
    • Have a wonderful day.
All's Weld Ends Weld
  • Hi there! It's a beautiful day, don't you think?
  • How do you like your postcard?
    • I am very well, thank you. Just taking a waddle before I start on this week's newspaper.
    • There happens to be a penguin at the Pet Shop who knows a lot about caring for puffles.
    • You look like you have a lot on your mind. Is something wrong?
      • I adore my puffles, and I always say that a little kindness goes a long way.
        • I'm glad that you feel that way. Here why don't you take this postcard. It's the least I can do to help a fellow penguin!
    • Whatever you do, remember that kindness is the best medicine.
    • Same here. Have a good day.
  • Postcards are best when they are signed by a friend. Or even better: lots of friends!
  • Of course I'll sign this postcard for your puffle.
  • The pen is mighter than the snowball.
Aunt Arctic's scripts
Earth Day 2012
  • Hello everyone!
  • Greetings Everyone!
  • Its good to see you all.
  • How is everyone doing?
  • Oh my!
  • Look at you all!
  • Time to celebrate!
  • Greetings from the Club Penguin Times!
  • Hello!
  • Lead the way!
  • Follow me, everyone!
  • This way everyone!
  • Come this way.
  • To the Snow Forts!
  • Follow me safari experts!
  • Follow me snow leopards!
  • Follow me painted dogs!
  • Follow me rockhopper penguins.
  • Oh my, that’s terribly confusing, isn’t it?
Earth Day
  • What a beautiful habitat.
  • There’s a place for every animal.
  • Can someone show me around?
  • This is a wonderful cause.
  • There are lots of animals that need our help.
  • Let’s get the word out!
  • How are you enjoying this event?
  • Which is your favorite costume?
  • Throw a snowball at your favorite part of the room!
  • Is this your favorite party so far?
  • No?
  • Which party is your favorite?
  • Oh I love that party as well.
  • Did you donate to coins for change?
  • Splendid! I did as well.
  • Did you know your coins help endangered animals?
  • Let us all dress like animals to show our support for them!
  • Let’s play a game!
  • I will describe an animal.
  • And you guess what it is!
  • It will be one of the animals we’re helping.
  • Ready?
  • Here we go!
  • Who am I?
  • I am a very social animal that lives in packs.
  • I help care for injured family members!
  • I have a very colorful coat.
  • I’m a painted dog!
  • I have a flexible nose.
  • My nose helps me warm the cold air.
  • My nose helps me breath dusty air safely.
  • I’m a Saiga Antelope!
  • I have an unusually long tail.
  • I live up high on Rocky Cliffs.
  • There are only about two thousand of me left in the wild.
  • I’m an Andean cat!
  • I have wide paws for walking on snow.
  • I can leap up to thirty feet.
  • I am the only big cat that does not roar.
  • I’m a snow leopard!
  • I am a small monkey the size of a squirrel.
  • I only live in Colombia.
  • I am threatened by deforestation.
  • I’m a cotton top tamarin!
  • I am a penguin that likes to hop.
  • I burst from the water and land on my belly.
  • A famous pirate is named after me!
  • I’m a rockhopper penguin!
  • I am a penguin that lives in South America.
  • I am very tall for a penguin.
  • I nest in burrows on rocky hills.
  • I’m a Magellanic penguin!
  • I have a flexible nose that can grasp objects.
  • My nose is like an elephant.
  • I am closely related to the rhinoceros.
  • I’m a tapir!
  • Who Am I?
  • That’s right!
  • Good guess!
  • Nope!
  • Try again.
  • Well done everyone!
  • You certainly know your animal facts
  • Your puffle is very neat.
  • They are very cute.
  • Oooh, I love your puffles!
  • Hearts for puffles everyone!
  • Splendid.
  • Super.
  • That’s very interesting!
  • What do you think?
  • May I interview you?
  • May I ask some questions?
  • For the newspaper?
  • I have some questions for the newspaper.
  • Splendid!
  • Lovely!
  • Okay..first question.
  • Here’s my next question.
  • One last question…
  • This year we are helping many animals.
  • Which animal do you enjoy the most?
  • Is it…
  • lion?
  • snow leopard?
  • painted dog?
  • rockhopper penguin?
  • goldfish?
  • Oh my..I think I made a mistake.
  • The goldfish isn’t endangered!
  • I’ll have to correct these notes..
  • What other ways can we help endangered animals?
  • Do you think it’s important?
  • To let others know animals are in trouble?
  • Are you helping to get the word out?
  • What else are you doing to support animals?
  • Do you enjoy Earth Day?
  • Do you enjoy supporting animals?
  • What is your favorite part of the party?
  • What animal costume is your favorite?
  • Do you like the decorations this year?
  • Thank you for your time!
  • I appreciate you taking time to answer questions.
  • Thank you very much!
  • I would love to answer some of your questions!
  • Would you like to interview me?
  • Please do!
  • Absolutely!
  • Yes.
  • Yes I believe that strongly.
  • I like your costumes very much!
  • No.
  • No, I don’t think so.
  • Thank you for your questions.
  • You are an excellent explorer.
  • Who wants to play a trivia game?
  • I’ll test your Club Penguin Trivia
  • I’ll describe someone, and you say their name.
  • Who Am I?
  • That’s right!
  • Good guess!
  • Oops!
  • Try again.
  • This penguin is a great inventor.
  • He created Pizzatron and Aqua Grabber.
  • He is the only penguin with glasses thicker than mine.
  • He wears a white lab coat.
  • His name is Gary!
  • This penguin is in a band.
  • He wrote a book about stage fright.
  • Its Franky!
  • This penguin loves puffles.
  • She likes eating Puffle O berries.
  • She wears a whistle.
  • She helped plan Puffle Launch.
  • It’s PH, the Puffle Handler!
  • This penguin sometimes makes mistakes.
  • But he always tries his best.
  • He is EPF Communications Lead.
  • He once left the box dimension door open..
  • and april fools started early!
  • This penguin is a famous buccaneer.
  • He brought red piffles to Club Penguin a long time ago.
  • He has a friend named Yarr.
  • You might say his favorite word is ARRR.
  • He has a thick black beard.
  • It’s Rockhopper
  • This penguin is a great teacher.
  • He trains penguins to use mysterious powers.
  • He is considered the master of card jitsu.
  • He lives in the dojo.
  • It’s sensei
  • This penguin is a famous DJ.
  • She likes to mix with DJ3K.
  • She will teach you how to bust a move in dance contest.
  • Her DJ name is K Dance.
  • It’s Cadence!
  • This penguin is a reporter.
  • She writes articles for the newspaper.
  • She enjoys investigating rumors and mysteries.
  • She wears glasses and a pink beanie.
  • If you ever have a question, just ask her.
  • It’s me!
  • Take care everyone!
  • I’ll be heading off now.
  • I enjoyed myself very much.
  • It was a pleasure meeting you.
  • So long.
  • Bye bye!
Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2012
  • Alright folks
  • Attention everyone
  • Gather up
  • Let’s get to work
  • Good day
  • Hello
  • Hello everyone
  • No time for formalities
  • Step into my office
  • Let’s get this show on the road
  • What’s the news?
  • Lead the way!
  • Follow me, everyone!
  • This way, everyone
  • Come this way
  • Run!
  • Shh!
  • Let’s sneak inside…
  • Let’s get closer…
  • Excuse us officer!
  • We’re with the press!
  • You can’t stop us, Super Villains!
  • Look lively!
  • Let’s go go go!
  • To the Snow Forts!
  • Let’s go downtown
  • Follow me!
  • Make way!
  • Quick!
  • Back to the Club Penguin Times!
  • Members, follow me!
  • Follow me to the Jail!
  • Follow me to the Bank!
Club Penguin Times
  • Alright reporters!
  • Okay everyone!
  • Gather round
  • Staff meeting
  • Let
Downtown Showdown
  • Look out!
  • Incoming Destructobot
  • Go Super Heroes!
  • You Super Villains don’t stand a chance
  • Watch out!
  • The countdown has started
  • Don’t give up Super Heroes
  • You’re the city’s last hope!
  • The pen is mightier than the sword…
  • And laser beams!
  • I hope…
  • Oooh, that Destructobot…
  • He makes me so mad!
  • Pick on someone your own size!
  • Aim for the Destructobot’s weak spot
  • Use your super powers!
  • Hey Super Villains!
  • You should take a break
  • You look sort of tired
  • Why not join me for a cup of tea?
  • What can I do to help?
  • I know!
  • I’ll distract the Super Villains!
  • Hey Super Villains over here!
  • I’d like to ask you some questions
  • Just ignore the Super Heroes
  • What made you want to become a Villain?
  • What sort of super powers do you have?
  • Are you planning on taking over the city?
  • Do you have a secret weakness?
  • What’s your secret weakness?
  • Don’t worry, this is off the record…
  • Have you considered becoming a Super Hero?
  • I think you’d be a better Super Hero
  • Oh no!
  • The Super Villains won
  • Look out!
  • Oh my…
  • Look at all the damage
  • Is everyone alright?
  • Back on your feet Super Heroes!
  • Let’s start repairing the damage
  • When life gives you lemons…
  • …Smile!
  • Because hey, free lemons!
  • …Make lemon cake!
  • …Squeeze them!
  • And make lemonade
  • Ha ha!
  • Grow a lemon tree!
  • You only fail if you give up
  • You Super Villains are the worst!
  • You’ll never get away with this!
  • I hope you’re happy
  • Laugh while you can
  • Good always triumphs over evil
  • Turn away from the dark side!
  • Use your powers for good!
  • May I interview you?
  • May I ask you some questions?
  • Hey!
  • I’ve got some questions for you!
  • Citizens want to know the truth!
  • For the newspaper?
  • Excuse me!
  • Are you a Super Hero?
  • I’ve got some questions for you
  • I have some questions for the newspaper
  • Brilliant!
  • Perfect!
  • Alright, first question…
  • Here’s my next question…
  • One last question…
  • What made you become a Hero?
  • Where did you get your powers?
  • Did you make your costume yourself?
  • What is your secret identity?
  • Just kidding!
  • Do you read the newspaper?
  • Oh good
  • Hmph
  • Why not?
  • What powers do you have?
  • Do you have a secret fortress?
  • Have you defeated any Super Villains?
  • Are you afraid of spiders?
  • Capes – yes or no?
  • What made you want to become a Villain?
  • What sort of super powers do you have?
  • Are you planning on taking over the city?
  • Do you have a secret weakness?
  • What’s your secret weakness?
  • Don’t worry, this is off the record…
  • Have you considered becoming a Super Hero?
  • I think you’d be a better Super Hero
  • Have you been on Rockhopper’s ship?
  • Have you sent me a question?
  • Have you sent me a joke?
  • I receive so many each week
  • It is so tough to choose
  • You never know!
  • I enjoy classical music
  • My favorite animal is a puffle
  • I prefer puzzles…
  • …and crosswords!
  • My hobbies are writing and reporting
  • I also enjoy knitting
  • Thank you for asking
  • How are your puffles?
  • Would you like to interview me?
  • Absolutely!
  • Please do!
  • Yes
  • Yes I believe that strongly
  • I like all the costumes very much
  • No
  • No I don’t think so
  • Thank you for your questions
  • You are an excellent reporter
  • I would be pleased to give an interview
  • Did you have a question?
  • Yes
  • Hmm, I think so
  • Hmm, I don’t think so
  • Hmm, I don’t know actually
  • Probably not
  • No
  • Oh, I would love to be your friend
  • Please add me as a friend
  • Do you have my background yet?
  • Do you read the Club Penguin Times?
  • Do you enjoy the newspaper?
  • Do you mind if I interview you?
  • I have too many favorites to say for sure
  • I like fluffy animals
  • Have you tried the tea?
  • My favorite games are Find Four and Mancala
  • I enjoy treasure hunting too
  • Take care out there everyone
  • Stay safe
  • Good work everyone!
  • See you again
  • Keep up the good work
  • I need to go
  • I need to go write my column
  • Good luck!
  • Cheers!
  • This paper looks fantastic!
  • Thanks for all your hard work
Hollywood Party
  • Lovely evening
  • Lovely to see you
  • Good to see you
  • Lets go to the Awards Show
  • Lets go to the red carpet
  • Everyone looks splendid
  • You all look wonderful
  • Brilliant work in your films
  • A truly talented bunch
  • You directors have great vision
  • Lets go to the Awards Show
  • Lets go to the red carpet
Questions and Answers
  • yes please film away!
  • Did you have a question?
  • Hmm.
  • I think so.
  • Hmm, I don’t think so.
  • Hmm, I think so.
  • Hmm, I don’t know actually.
  • Probably not.
  • No.
  • Oh, I would love to be your friend!
  • Please take one of my backgrounds too.
  • Do you have my background yet?
  • Be sure to take my background for as a memento from my visit.
  • Have you selected my background yet?
  • You can use it to remember me by.
  • Of course I will be buddies with you!
  • I would be delighted to be friends with you.
  • Penguins of a feather flock together.
  • Speaking of penguins, can you identify which one this is?
  • Do you read the Club Penguin Times?
  • Do you enjoy the newspaper?
  • Do you mind if I interview you?
  • What do you like most about the party?
  • It is quite difficult for me to chose the best.
  • I have too many favorites to say for sure.
  • I like fluffy animals.
  • Have you tried the tea?
  • We could have a tea party.
  • My favorite games are Mancala and Find Four.
  • I enjoy Treasure Hunting too.
  • Have you been on Rockhopper’s ship?
  • Have you sent me a question?
  • Have you sent me a joke?
  • I receive so many each week.
  • It is so tough to choose.
  • You never know!
  • I enjoy classical music.
  • My favorite pet is the Puffle.
  • I prefer puzzles….
  • …and crosswords!
  • My hobbies are writing and reporting!
  • I also enjoy knitting.
  • Thank you for asking.
  • How are your puffles?
  • What is your favorite role?
  • Were you scared?
  • How long have you been an actor?
  • Did you find it difficult to memorize lines?
  • What do like most about being an actor?
  • What do like about being a director?
  • What is your favorite film?
  • Have you done any stunts?
  • Have you prepared an acceptance speech?
  • Who designed your outfit?
  • What designer are you wearing?
  • Who would you like to thank?
  • What did you win?
  • Take care out there everyone
  • Stay safe
  • Good work everyone!
  • See you again
  • Keep up the good work
  • I need to go
  • I need to go write my column
  • Good luck!
  • Cheers!
  • This paper looks fantastic!
  • Thanks for all your hard work
  • Unfortunately I must go
  • I need to go write my column
  • I've got a deadline to meet
  • Cheers!
  • Its time for me to go home and feed my puffles
Awards Show
  • Congratulations
  • You've all worked hard
  • I'm honored to be among so many superstars
  • Are you a director?
  • Yes I enjoy directing too.
  • Behind the camera, of course.
  • What is your favorite film?
  • Standing ovation
  • You all deserve a round of applause
  • I cannot say anything at this time
  • No comment
  • Now is not the time to talk about that
  • The EPF is tracking Herbert
  • The EPF has very capable agents
Penguin Cup
  • Hello everyone
  • Greetings everyone
  • It's good to see you all
  • How is everyone doing?
  • Oh my!
  • Look at you all!
  • Greetings from CPSN!
  • Hello sports fans!
  • Follow me, everyone!
  • This way, everyone
  • Come this way
  • Let's go this way
  • To the Coffee Shop
  • To the CPSN Studio!
  • To the Everyday Phoning Facility
  • To the Stadium!
  • To the Hot Sauce HQ
  • To the Sharks HQ
  • To the Fluffies HQ
  • To the Space Squids HQ
  • Who wants to play a trivia game?
  • It's time for Penguin Cup trivia!
  • I'll describe a team, and you say their name
  • Which team am I on?
  • That's right!
  • Good guess!
  • Oops!
  • Try again
  • You're a real fan!
  • This team loves the fire shoes
  • They're never afraid
  • This team's HQ is in the Forest
  • It's the Hot Sauce!
  • This team's HQ is on the Beach
  • They probably like to swim
  • This team loves the water shoes
  • It's the Sharks!
  • This team's HQ is at the Dock
  • They love sci fi movies like Gary
  • They have a tentacle logo
  • It's the Space Squids!
  • This team's HQ is at the Cove
  • They love to party and have fun
  • They're bright and creative players
  • It's the Fluffies!
  • Do you mind if I interview you?
  • Could I have a quick interview?
  • The fans would love to hear an interview
  • Before your next game...
  • I'd love to get a few words on record
  • Which team are you playing for?
  • And how is your team doing?
  • Who is your toughest competition?
  • They are in top form aren't they?
  • You're a key player on your team...
  • Do you have any advice for new players?
  • You're a fan favorite...
  • What would you like to say to them?
  • They're all watching now
  • Anything you want so say to the fans?
  • How did last round go for your team?
  • What does your team need to win?
  • Great answer
  • Sounds like you're ready to win!
  • Good luck out there!
  • Thank you for your time
  • It was lovely speaking to you!
  • Thank you for the interview
Mail and Art Submissions
  • I'm very proud of all of you
  • I'm very proud of you
  • I've seen a lot of your art and it's lovely
  • Your art is incredible
  • I love receiving your letters
  • Please send me a letter soon
  • We can be pen pals!
  • You write such nice letters
  • I bet there are a lot of writers here
  • The jokes you send in are great
  • Feel free to send your favorites...
  • even the ones that don't get printed...
  • still make me smile!
  • I love reading all your jokes
  • You can send me jokes or questions
  • You can help me by
  • sending in jokes
  • sending in your questions
  • To become a writer
  • you should read every day
  • you should write every day
  • you should keep an eye out
  • I'm so glad you all enjoy the newspaper
Penguin Cup
  • The Penguin Cup
  • What an event!
  • The whole island can participate
  • I love watching a shootout
  • Especially when it's a close match
  • Let's check the scores
  • Everyone is playing really well!
  • It's top level soccer!
  • Do you like the Penguin Cup?
  • Do you like soccer?
  • Are you excited to see the trophy?
  • What team do you play for?
  • Did you enjoy the Penguin Cup?
  • Now it's time to celebrate!
  • I can't believe your team won!
  • That was an amazing victory!
  • It's unfortunate that they lost
  • But they played very well!
  • Your team were strong contenders
  • Your team were so close to the trophy!
  • Your team had excellent sportsmanship
Current Scores
  • It's been a very busy round
  • Not many changes this round
  • Let's take a look at the standings
  • Hot Sauce
  • Sharks
  • Space Squids
  • Fluffies
  • have taken the lead!
  • are soooo close to first!
  • are looking to bounce back
  • are having a tough round
  • What a comeback!
  • They're really standing out!
  • They could use more players
  • I'd love to see them bounce back
Red Team HQ
  • Let's check out the Hot Sauce HQ!
  • This team is confident
  • They have some real stars
  • How do you celebrate your wins?
  • Why are you proud to be Hot Sauce
Blue Team HQ
  • Here we are in Sharks HQ
  • This team is really competitive
  • They always train together
  • How does this team stay sharp?
  • What is the Shark strategy?
Green Team HQ
  • Here's the home of the Space Squids
  • This is the most technical team
  • They know the best strategies
  • Where do they get their ideas?
  • Can you tell me your secret moves?
Yellow Team HQ
  • It's the Fluffies HQ!
  • This team is always having fun
  • They dance circles around opponents
  • How do they develop those skills?
  • What's your best trick?
Fan Chants
  • It's time for a soccer chant!
  • Let's do a chant
  • we have to support our teams!
  • Everyone shout it!
  • That's right
  • Just repeat what I say!
  • Keep it up!
  • Well done everyone!
  • Hooray!
  • Which team should we cheer for?
  • Olé Olé Olé!
  • Let's go!
  • Here we go!
  • Get ready and get set
  • We'll put it in the net!
  • You'll never see us rest
  • Because we are the best!
  • Yay!
  • Welcome to the studio
  • Who wants to sit in the producer chair?
  • These are for the audience
  • Before you go on camera...
  • Get your make up done
  • Okay we're about to go on air
  • Starting in...
  • 5 4 3 2 1...
  • We're live!
  • ahem
  • This is Aunt Arctic...
  • Reporting live for CPSN...
  • With the latest Penguin Cup news
  • Let's go to the commentators
  • How is the tournament going?
  • What players are you watching?
  • Any surprises to look for?
  • Time for a commercial
  • Everyone switch places!
  • I'll go to the commentator chair
  • I'll go to make up
  • I'll be the producer
  • I'll sit in the audience
  • I'll get behind the camera
  • Great show everyone!
  • I think the fans will like that!
  • The EPF is hard at work right now
  • I'm afraid I can't discuss Herbert
  • Protobot?
  • I can't say anything about him.
  • but I promise we're keeping watch
  • We're in public, agent
  • please call me Aunt Arctic.
  • Thank you for your hard work agent
  • Maybe we can discuss that later
  • The only thing I direct is the CP Times
  • I'm afraid I don't know what you mean
  • How could I be editor and director?
  • That sounds like too many jobs
  • Take care everyone
  • I'll be heading off for now
  • I enjoyed myself very much
  • It was a pleasure meeting you
  • So long
  • Bye bye!
The Director's Dialogue
Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
Left to Your Own Devices
  • Welcome to the Puffle Training Room. We've been expecting you.
  • I am the leader of the PSA and EPF. My identity is a secret.
  • I am called the Director.
  • If you mean Agent D, you are correct.
  • The EPF is always looking for penguins like you.
  • Penguins who will take great lengths, above and beyond the call of duty, to solve problems and help others.
  • Not yet, there are still several steps you must take. First you will learn how to work with Elite Puffles.
  • Our best puffle handler will be here shortly. She will conduct your next training.
  • Do you have any questions?
  • Very well then, proceed. Director, over and out.
  • You made it, <username>. I must say, I'm slightly impressed with how far you've come already. Keep it up.
  • For our next lesson, you must combine the two objects in front of you. Seemingly simple, but a vital skill.
  • These are the pieces of a very special device called the Spy Gadget.
  • Many things, <username>. An EPF Agent can do many things with their Spy Gadget.
  • The first step is to learn how to put it together.
  • Having trouble with your training?
    • Putting together your Spy Gadget is the final part of your training.
    • Well put. Asking for help is a vital part of teamwork.
      • To combine the items, first select one item, place it on top of the other and tap.
      • If the items can be combined, a new item will be created.
    • This will get easier with practice. Keep at it.
  • The Spy Gadget is the ultimate secret agent tool.
  • It has a handy HQ Warp to bring you back to Head Quarters in the blink of an eye...
  • And a built in Spy Log, to keep track of your missions and important objectives.
  • The 6 empty slots are for you to fill as you continue your adventure.
  • To add new tools to the Spy Gadget, simply drag the tool onto your device.
  • Congratulations, <username>, your training is complete!
  • Now we'll see how well you remember what you learned.
  • Farewell, <username>.
  • Well done, you assembled your device in record time.
  • Well, not quite yet.
  • Tell me, <username>, why do you want to join the EPF?
  • Well said. That was your final test. You are now an official member of the EPF. Ensure you keep your identity secret.
  • Congratulations, <username>!
Rookie on the Rocks
  • D informs me that your first assignment was quite a success.
  • Did the Rookie ever explain why he left his post?
  • Did he manage to get a good look at this 'reckless snowboarder'?
  • How unusual. We'll have to keep an eye on that investigation.
  • Now I would like to present a promotion to <username>.
  • Go on agent. You've completed your first assignment in record time.
  • You've been through a lot in a short time. Feel free to get some rest, Agent.
  • Stop by later and D will assign you your next assignment.
  • Until then, always remember: always go above and beyond when you answer the call of duty.
PSA Secret Missions

Waddle Squad
  • Excellent work, G. The suspect has taken the bait.
  • Greetings agents. A pleasure to meet you all face to face, so to speak. I am the leader of the PSA.
  • My code name is The Director.
    • Indeed.
    • I'd hope not. There isn't a lot of information out there about me.
  • G, update the agents on the situation.
  • We can now focus our efforts on setting the perfect trap. G has your orders. I wish you good luck, agents. Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready.


Aunt Arctic
The Director


Names in other languages

Language Name
Portuguese Tia Arctic
French Tante Arctic
Spanish Tía Arctic
German Tante Arctic
Russian Тётушка Арктика

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