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Test Bots
Full Name Test Robots
Species Robots
Position Evil Robots
Appeared Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force
System Defender
EPF Messages
Future Party
Color N/A
Clothing N/A
Related To Unknown
Friends With Herbert (formerly), Protobot
Meetable Character? No

The Test Robots are mechanical, penguin-like Machines invented by G. They were originally intended to help G test his more dangerous inventions but they ended up going haywire and escaping into the Mine Tunnels. A test robot has appeared in the Gadget Room for quite a few missions, but they didn't make a big appearance until the game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force was released. The Test Bots, along with the Ultimate Protobot, serve as the game's main antagonists. They also appear in System Defender and later return during the Future Party upgraded.


G had decided to make some penguin-like robots to test his inventions with. His plan worked but one day the robots went haywire and escaped. G then built the Robo-Tracker 3000 to track his robots with. It resembled a large backpack, with a vacuum strapped to it. The tracker led G to the Mine. He decided to go down the Mine Tunnels to find them, but accidentally crashed and found himself stuck under a Mine Cart and unable to remember what had happened.

A few days later, he was rescued and got his memory back, but the damage had already been done. The robots were running around Club Penguin, stealing important items such as the Boiler, the Ticket Booth, and other things. They tried to steal the vault door in the Gift shop, but the Elite Penguin Force Agents stopped them.

Soon all the robots were captured and deactivated. A celebration was held, but there was trouble ahead. All the HQ monitors had shut down, and both G and the Elite Puffles were missing. The Elite Agents tracked them down on a Snow Trekker which lead them to what the test robots had been working on all along, the Ultimate Proto-Bot.

This gigantic machine terrorized the Island with G in its head (The Aqua Grabber cockpit bubble), and the Elite Puffles trapped in the Ultimate Proto-Bot's belly (The Stage Ticket Booth). In the end, the Elite Puffles and Gary were saved and the Ultimate Proto-Bot was deactivated, thus ending the Test Bots's rampage once and for all.

However, in 2011, Herbert P. Bear rebuilt the Ultimate Protobot, and he rebuilt the rest of the Test Bots too. After that, the Protobot kept rebuilding himself and the Test Bots returned in the year of 4014 revamped and more technological helping Protobot with his plans.

Wheel Bot[edit]

The Wheel-Bot, the first Test Bot.

The Wheel-Bot is one of Gary's test-bots in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. Its method of transportation is by a wheel under its main body area, hence its name. Its head appears to be made out of a bucket. You use Bouncer to defeat it in the game.

It is the first robot you have to defeat in the game, and is defeated in Mission 11 (Robotomy 101), while the others are encountered in Mission 12 (Robots on the Run).

You can see it in the Gadget Room in the online missions and elite missions.

In a message sent by Rookie, he has a theory that says: "Hey agent! I have a theory - I think Herbert and Protobot have helpers! Something with a tire... Maybe an evil wheelbarrow?" He is probably referring to the Wheel Bot.

In System Defender level 4, Wheel Bot controls the orange bots.

As proven by a Spy Phone Message, the Wheel-Bot was destroyed.

Snow Bot[edit]

The Snow-Bot, the second Test Bot.

The Snow-Bot is a test-bot you have to defeat in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. Its transportation is by a snowboard under its main body area. It is the second robot you have to defeat in the game. It breaks the Ski Lift.

It is the second robot you have to defeat in the game, and is defeated in Mission 12 (Robots on the Run) along with the Jet Bot.

In System Defender level 4, Snow Bot controls the purple bots.

Jet Bot[edit]

The Jet-Bot, the last Test Bot.

The Jet-Bot is a test-bot you have to defeat in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. Its transportation is a jetpack on its back. It is the third robot you have to defeat, and it saves the Snow Bot in Elite Mission 12.

It is the third and last robot you have to defeat in the game, and is defeated in Mission 12 (Robots on the Run) along with the Snow Bot.

In System Defender level 4, Jet Bot controls the red bots.

Microbots (Original Test Bots)[edit]

The future Test Bots.

The Microbots are the upgraded, revamped, improved, high tech and better versions of the Test Bots. They are how the Test Bots look in the future, in 4014, and were first spotted during the Future Party in the Space.

They were the main topic in the #448 issue of Club Penguin Times in the section Island Rumors[1].

Now, they all can fly to outer space and also shoot through their claws. Their heads still look like before, but their bodies have completely changed.

They are still loyal to Protobot and help him steal Gary 3000's secret technology.

They are now war robots.

They were defeated by the Extra-Planetary Federation.

Microbots (New Test Bots)[edit]

The new Test Bots.

There are two new test bots in the future. A Horse Bot and a Buoy Bot.

They were probably not created in 4014, since their heads are made of parts of the old Club Penguin (the horse from the Attic and the Numbered Buoys that used to be scattered around the island).

They joined the old test bots and, consequently, Protobot.


  • This robot is probably the robot mentioned in the What's New Blog in September 2005.
  • A test bot is seen along with Gary in a Mix 'n' Match set.
  • They could be seen as toys during the Holiday Party 2009.
  • The Test Bots appeared in Level 4 of System Defender. The Snow Bot represents its icon on the level screen.
  • In 4014, during the Future Party, they came back as the Microbots[2] helping Protobot steal Gary 3000's secret space travel technology[3]. They can now fly in space and shoot.


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