Team Blue vs. Team Red

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Team Blue vs. Team Red
Storyline Another dodgeball match.
Premiere February 13, 2009
Characters Jeff the Ref, Scarlet, Eric the Red, Tate, Zeus the Moose
Music Team Red VS Team Blue music
Background Gym Background

Team Blue vs. Team Red is a play in Club Penguin. The theme for the play is a dodgeball competition against the Red and Blue teams. It is the third and final play in the Team Blue vs. Team Red series of plays.


The Stage during the play

This is the script for the play:

  • Jeff: It's the final match of the Dodgeball championship!
  • Zeus: Alright, here we go. Don't get nervous. Don't get nervous.
  • Tate: Arr! Don't worry Zeus, we're ready for this. Chin up, sailor!
  • Zeus: I'll try.
  • Jeff: In this corner, those marvelous mascot, the BLUE TEAM!
  • Jeff: And in this corner, the defending champs, the RED
  • Scarlet: Well, this should be easy, right Eric?
  • Eric: . . .
  • Scarlet: Haha! Good one!
  • Jeff: Alright guys, I want a nice friendly game. I mean it.
  • Scarlet: You got it ref. A nice SHORT friendly game.
  • Tate: Hey! I heard that!
  • Jeff: Alright, here we go. GAME ON!
  • Scarlet: Ready or not, here comes my super ultra mega power ball!
  • (Scarlet throws a dodge ball.)
  • Zeus: Yikes! That almost took my antlers off!
  • Tate: Look out Zeus!
  • (Eric throws a dodge ball and misses.)
  • Tate: HA! Is that all you got?
  • Eric: . . .
  • (Eric throws a dodge ball, and pegs Tate!)
  • Tate: Oh no! I'm down! I'm down!
  • Scarlet: Ha ha ha! More like Tate the SUNKEN Migrator!
  • Jeff: TWEET! Clean hit! Tate is out!
  • Eric: . . .
  • Zeus: I'm all alone! I can't do this!
  • Scarlet: Alright, just one more power ball, and this game is OVER!
  • Jeff: TWEET! Foul! Too many shoes on the court!
  • Zeus: Wait, what?
  • Jeff: Someone has to take off his or her shoes. I mean it!
  • Scarlet: Fine, I'll take off my shoes.
  • Jeff: Game on!
  • Scarlet: Alright Zeus, any last words before you're out?
  • Zeus: Um... How about 'yikes!'
  • Jeff: TWEET! Foul! No saying 'yikes' on the court!
  • Scarlet: What? That's just silly!
  • Zeus: Umm, sorry? I won't do it again...
  • Jeff: Game on!
  • Scarlet: As I was saying, here comes my most powerful dodge ball!
  • Jeff: TWEET! Foul!
  • Scarlet: Now what?!
  • Jeff: Your name is too long. You must shorten it.
  • Scarlet: Okay, this is gettin crazy! I'm just going to throw the ball.
  • (Scarlet throws a dodge ball)
  • Zeus: Gadzooks!
  • (Dodge ball misses Zeus, rebounds backs)
  • Scarlet: Look out! Runaway dodge ball!
  • Eric: ! ! !
  • (Dodge ball misses Team Red, rebounds and hits Jeff!)
  • Jeff: TWEET! Clean hit! The ref is out!
  • Zeus: But wait... YOU'RE the ref!
  • Scarlet: Yeah, I didn't mean to hit you.
  • Jeff: Doesn't matter. Rules are rules. TWEET! Game on!!
  • Scarlet: Alright then. Let's finish this, Blue Team!
  • Zeus: You're on!
  • (They finish the game. It's up to you to decide who wins!)
  • Tate: And the winner is...
  • Everyone: RED TEAM!
  • Everyone: BLUE TEAM!
  • Everyone: IT'S A TIE!



  • Director: Places please!
  • Director: 5 minute call, actors to the stage.
  • Director: Let's take it from the top!
  • Director: It's a wrap!

Exibition history[edit]

Start End
February 13, 2009 March 13, 2009
August 18, 2011 September 14, 2011
August 1, 2012 September 5, 2012

Names in Other Languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Time Azul x Time Vermelho
French Les Blues contre Les Rouges
Spanish Equipo Azul vs. Equipo Rojo
German Team Blau vs. Team Rot
Russian N/A


  • If you throw a snowball, it'll turn into a dodgeball.

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