Tallest Mountain

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The tallest mountain
For the room introduced at the Festival of Flight 2009, see Tallest Mountain (room)

The Tallest Mountain (known as Mt. Tallest in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force) is a mountain in the Mountain Range of Club Penguin Island. As its name implies, it is the "tallest mountain" on the island. It has only been accessed a few times in the history of the island.


PSA Secret Mission #1[edit]

The first time that the Tallest Mountain was ever accessed in Club Penguin was in the first PSA Secret Mission. Secret Agents had to retrieve Aunt Arctic's green and purple Puffles. In the mission, you can only access it using G's grappling hook; however, the green puffle used a propeller cap to fly there.

Festival of Flight[edit]

During the Festival of Flight 2009, the mountain was converted into a room. Members could ride the Hot Air Balloon Ride to get there. After arrival, they could obtain a free Jet Pack.

Elite Penguin Force[edit]

It is also accessible in the Elite Penguin Force video games.

Medieval Party 2012[edit]

Although not positive, it is thought that Misery Mountain could be the medieval version of the Tallest Mountain, according to the Medieval Party map.

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