TIE Fighter Pilot Costume

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TIE Fighter Pilot Costume
Available Yes
Type Body Item
Member item No
Party None
Cost Free
Where found Unlockable
Item ID(s) 14904
The TIE Fighter Pilot Costume is a body item in Club Penguin. All players can unlock it for free by entering the code BARONFEL.


The TIE Fighter Pilot Costume is a common item.

Release history[edit]

Available from Available until
July 13, 2013 Available


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Fantasia de Piloto de TIE
French Le Costume de Pilote de Chasseur TIE
Spanish Disfraz de piloto de Cazas TIE
German TIE-Jäger-Pilot-Kostüm
Russian N/A