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System Defender
System Defender Logo.png

The game’s logo
Players 1
Minigame Location EPF Command Room
Date released January 13, 2011
Stamps awarded Yes (14)

System Defender is a mini-game in Club Penguin, stylized after the tower defense genre, that is only accessible through the EPF Command Room. Until Spy Drills was released, this was the only minigame that can only be played by EPF agents (not counting Field-Ops). In System Defender, you have to stop the enemies from getting into the system. System Defender was created to stop bots from getting into the EPF system. Instead of having to check the game yourself for new updates, the player can check the EPF Spy Phone Messages section for any info about the game for new Advanced Elite Programs. There has not been a new level since 2011, it is unlikely there are any more for the future.


The starting screen.
  • In the game there are three types of cannons. There are reds, that shoot fast; oranges, that have a long range; and purples, that have more damage. When cannons are placed into sockets, they have the ability to destroy bugs. Each cannon type can be upgraded to three levels.
  • There are basically 2 types of enemies: bugs and bosses. Bugs have less life than bosses, but they still have the ability to damage the system. These 2 types of bugs are the colors red, orange and purple. See the gallery below.
  • If a certain number of bugs hit the core, the game ends.
  • There are currently 6 levels: the Computer Bugs, Herbert, Klutzy, the Test Bots, the Ultimate Proto-Bot 10000 and Track Herbert.



Name Description
Ready for Duty stamp Finish G's tutorial.
Garbage Disposal stamp Destroy 100 enemies in 1 level.
Bug Overload stamp Protect the EPF mainframe from rogue bugs.


Name Description
Strategic Success stamp Destroy 100 enemies without upgrading cannons.
Mono Mechanic stamp Complete a game with only one type of cannon.
Tactical Pro stamp Destroy 100 enemies without taking enemies.
Master Mechanic stamp Fill every open socket with a cannon.
Herbert Attack stamp Protect the EPF mainframe from Herbert P. Bear.
Klutzy Attack stamp Protect the EPF mainframe from Klutzy.


Name Description
Strategic Master stamp Destroy 250 enemies without upgrading.
Tactical Ace stamp Destroy 250 enemies without taking damage.
Protobot Attack stamp (members only) Protect the EPF mainframe from Ultimate Protobot.
Test Bot Trio stamp (members only) Protect the EPF mainframe from the Test Bots.


Name Description
Track Herbert stamp Complete the level “Track Herbert”.


The System Defender game features a wide variety of characters. Here is a list of them.



  • Unlike other games, this one has the music in its own SWF file, other games with music are one SWF file each.
  • The game is often criticized by Club Penguin’s younger audience for being too violent.[1]
  • This is the first time Club Penguin featured guns, as the red cannon bared a similar resemblance to the M61 Vulcan.


  • In Level 3, if you played it in the Advanced section, you will get Klutzy’s level with the dialogue and bots from Protobot’s level. This glitch has been fixed.
  • In Level 4, there is a glitch that if you lost the game, a sign will appear and say “Connection is lost”.
  • There is a glitch that if you quit the game immediately after selecting Klutzy’s level, it will say “Connection is lost”.
  • There was a glitch that in the stamp section of the game, it would say that you need 16 stamps for the third photo, this glitch has been fixed.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Defensor do Sistema
French Défenseur de Systéme
Spanish Defensor del sistema
German System Defender
Russian Кибер защита


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