Sumo Smash

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Sumo Smash gameplay.

Sumo Smash is a minigame in Club Penguin: Game Day! To play it, you must go to the dock and talk to the Hydro-Hopper Penguin. He will take you to an iceberg, where the game takes place.
This game can also be played in 2x2 mode.

How to Play[edit]

The objective of the game is to bounce your rivals off the iceberg. You get 200 points for every rival you bounce off.
For attacking, press the 2 button. Press and hold the 2 button for using a super attack. If you are close to falling, shake the Wii Remote for get back.

Easy Mode[edit]

On the Easy mode, you go to a normal iceberg. After a while, it will tip.

Normal mode[edit]

Here, the iceberg has some colored pilars, with the team colours (blue, red, yellow and green).

Hard Mode[edit]

The pillars on the iceberg's sides has bouncy parts, which make falling off more likely.



  • You go to the iceberg using the Hydro-Hopper. However, you don't play Hydro-Hopper at all.
  • It is unknown on what iceberg the game takes place.