Stuck on Puffles

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Stuck on Puffles

Date released 2008
Unlocks items? No

Stuck on Puffles is an Activity Book containing 106 reusable stickers of the puffles, their favorite objects and puffle furniture. Each page of the book contains information about taking care of your puffles, the things puffles like to do, and some trivia.

However, this book is quite old, so does not contain information on white puffles, orange puffles, brown puffles, rainbow puffles, or the new puffle player card. It has the same stickers as the Club Penguin: The Official Annual 2011 book.

List of Stickers[edit]

List of Stickers
  • A blue puffle with a toy ball
  • A blue puffle sleeping
  • A blue puffle about to eat
  • A blue puffle blowing gum
  • A blue puffle reading a book
  • A toy ball
  • A happy blue puffle looking up
  • A standard blue puffle smiling
  • A treasure chest
  • A standard blue puffle smiling with its mouth open
  • An upset red puffle with 2 pins down and 1 pin standing
  • A red puffle taking a bath
  • A red puffle holding 3 pins on its head smiling
  • A blue puffle balancing a ball on its nose
  • A flag
  • A red puffle ready to jump into a cannon
  • A confused green puffle
  • A red puffle with a cookie in its mouth
  • Rockhopper
  • A green puffle with a balloon animal beside it
  • A green puffle flying using its propeller hat
  • A standard green puffle smiling with its mouth open
  • A green puffle sticking its tongue out
  • A green puffle sleeping
  • A green puffle juggling on a unicycle
  • A Bird Cage furniture item
  • A Green Birdhouse furniture item