Stompin' Bob

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Stompin' Bob
Full Name Stompin' Bob
Species Penguin
Position Electric Bassist/Cellist of the Club Penguin Band
Appeared Performances of the Club Penguin Band
Color Red
Clothing 2008-2011
Cowboy Hat, Black Sunglasses, Bass Guitar
Fowhawk Hair, Black T-Shirt and Jeans, Red Electric Bass, Black Cuff
Club Penguin Animated Shorts
Green Glasses, Grillz, Bling Bling Necklace, Orange High Tops
Related To Unknown
Friends With G Billy
Petey K
Unknown band member
Meetable Character? Yes
Let's bounce like a Puffle on a string.
— Stompin' Bob
Cool set, cool tunes, cool play, 'Nuff said.
— Stompin' Bob Talking about the Penguin Play Awards 2009.

Stompin' Bob is a member of the Penguin Band. He's a self-taught musician who constantly practices. He plays the piano, the cello or the electric bass in the Penguin Band.

Interesting Facts[edit]

  • He is adventurous, cool, and confident.
  • He spends his free time reading and writing songs.
  • He is the leader of the band as confirmed in Club Penguin Magazine issue 6.
  • Offstage he's a quiet guy.
  • If he wasn't a musician, he would be writing for the Club Penguin Times.
  • He has the talent of playing the piano as seen during the Winter Luau 2006.
  • He is also one of the five penguins that have eyebrows. Some people might not notice it; it is shown in one of the wallpapers.
  • He is known as Tempo Bob in the French servers.
  • His favorite minigame is Hydro Hopper.
  • He enjoys jigsaw puzzles and writing poems.
  • He has a talent for Rapping, as seen in Puffle Party (Gotta Have a Wingman)


Stompin' Bob
  • Thanks for coming out!
  • Hey dudes!
  • Good to see you guys again
  • Hey you've been here around
  • Nice T-shirt!
  • Sweet hoodie!
  • So old school
Music Jam
  • You want an autograph?
  • signs autograph
  • Can I have YOUR autograph?
  • Nice cuff!
  • Hello Club Penguin...
  • Are you ready to rock?
Penguin Band
  • Hey Franky
  • Franky's on the keys
  • And he's our lead singer...
  • when we're playing our songs
  • G Billy is our drummer
  • That dude is so chill
  • Sometimes he's a little tame
  • But he rocks out the drums
  • We're the rhythm section
  • Keepin' it all together!
  • Have you met him?
  • He might be around later
  • Petey K is the guitarist
  • That guy can shred!
  • And he never stops smiling
  • I don't think he can be bored
  • One time he painted my face...
  • when I fell asleep on the bus
  • No one said anything...
  • so I went on stage painted like a cat!
  • Heya Cadence!
  • Make it loud for Cadence!
  • Yeah!
  • When are you gonna sing a rock song?
  • I wanna hear you cover Anchors Aweigh...
  • or maybe we should do Party Starts Now!
  • Cadence is so crazy busy
  • Talking to fans...
  • Prepping for the show...
  • Talking to the other singers
  • I don't know how she keeps it together
  • I'm just here to play bass and have fun
  • Did you like Cadence's song?
  • Oh good
  • Aw too bad
Player Music
  • Got an instrument?
  • Let's bring the house down!
  • any bassists in the house?
  • sweet!
  • That your instrument?
  • Niiiice!
  • Keytars rock!
  • You're awesome!
  • Let's hear you play
  • Everybody ROCK
  • C'mon you can be LOUDER
  • plays SUPER LOUD
  • Show me what you got!
  • Whoooa!
  • Have you tried it out?
  • SoundStudio
  • That's awesome
  • Sounds cool
  • Petey K and Franky...
  • love that thing
  • I helped out with some bass loops
  • I like playing my bass
  • I'll leave the mixing to other folks
  • Do you like mixing?
  • Have you made a song?
  • Wow sweet!
  • That's cool
  • They're relaxing after the gig
  • but I can't get enough!
  • Being in a band rules
  • Performing is my fave
  • For sure
  • I'll tell them you said hi
  • I love playing to the crowd
  • I want to play to even bigger crowds!
  • Some of the band like small shows...
  • but I just wanna go big!
  • Do you have our background?
  • Totally pick it up
  • I think Petey K would sulk...
  • if no one grabbed it
  • That guy loves making merch
  • We're gonna be buds!
  • Send me a friend request
  • I'll accept it for sure
  • cool
  • that's great!
  • awesome!
  • haha that's funny!
  • for sure!
  • sweet!
  • yes!
  • no!
  • nooo way!
  • bummer!
  • nope!
  • maybe!
follow me!
  • This way!
  • Let's get outta here
  • Where you wanna go?
  • sounds good
  • Follow me!
  • Heading this way!
  • Sound check!
  • one two one two
  • Can you help me tune this?
  • Can you help with sound check
  • Tell me if you can hear the bass
  • or if it's too loud
  • Ready?
  • How about now?
  • Is that better?
  • I cant hear anything
  • turn it up!
  • louder...
  • louder...
  • Oh man that sounded cool
  • You totally know the riffs
  • nice work man
  • wanna be my bouncer?
  • crowd control!
  • any sound guys?
  • we need lighting!
  • who wants to help?
  • Throw your hands up...
  • if you love rock!
  • if you wanna rock the boat!
  • if you want more Music Cruise!
  • Catch you later!
  • I'll be back soon
  • Later!
  • You guys are wicked
  • Rock on!
  • Gotta get ready for our show!
  • Almost time for the next show!
  • Keep the tunes rockin!


In-game Avatars[edit]

Player card[edit]


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Stompin' Bob
French Tempo Bob
Spanish Bob, el bajista
German Bass-Bob
Russian Ритм Боб
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