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Starfish (also known as the Sea Star) are star-shaped creatures in Club Penguin that strongly resemble real starfish. They obviously inhabit the island, therefore being a part of the Club Penguin wildlife. Starfish appear at the Beach, in the Cove and Underwater.


  • During the construction of the Cove, there was a starfish in the Forest in the spot where the stairs are now.
  • On Club Penguin's homepage there is a starfish that if clicked, turns into a clam, then a sandcastle, then back to a Sea-star.
  • A pin in the shape of a starfish has been released once.
  • The starfish pin and the starfishes at the Beach and Underwater would seem to all use the same .swf.
  • In the games Aqua Grabber, Jet Pack Adventure and Catchin' Waves.


  • The specimen found in Aqua Grabber is much larger than the starfish found on Club Penguin Island.


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