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Full Name Squidzoid
Species Penguin
Position Actor
Appeared Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal
Color Black
Blue (on the plush toy)
Clothing Squidzoid Costume
Related To Unknown
Friends With Shadow Guy
Gamma Gal
Meetable Character? No

Squidzoid is a penguin in a blue squid costume in the play Squidzoid Vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal. He is the main antagonist of the play.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Squidzoid is actually just a penguin who turns really big when he is really hungry. He can also eat buildings and other large objects. He probably has super strength since he can eat buildings and large objects.


He is weak against lightning bolts from when Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy combine their powers. This turns him into a normal penguin[1].


  • He likes to eat pizza.
  • There was a Limited Edition Penguin Plush of Squidzoid.
  • There is a Mix and Match Figure Pack of Squidzoid. It includes Gamma Gal and a piece of building.
  • Even though a newspaper in Fall 2009 said, "Squidzoid is Back", there was no sequel, only the play where Squidzoid made his only appearance was in the Stage.

Real-World References[edit]

  • When Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal combine their powers together to defeat him, this might reference the climax of Ghostbusters.
  • He might be a parody of Godzilla, or also the octopus monster from, "It Came Beneath the Sea".


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