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Full Name Squidulator
Species Penguin
Position Unknown
Appeared The comic Serious Business
Color Black
Clothing Squidzoid Costume
Related To Unknown
Friends With Pink penguin, Red penguin (possibly)
Meetable Character? No

Squidulator is a black penguin that featured in the Club Penguin comic Serious Business, and according to the comic he enjoys dressing up as Squidzoid. He is possibly a Member, as the Squidzoid Costume is unlockable to both members and non-members.


In the comic, he is seen wearing the Squidzoid Costume, along with the colour Black. Because pink and a red penguin shouts about what happened to Moosulator, it is entirely possible that Moosulator and Squidulator are the same penguin. If they are, then it is likely that he also dresses up in a moose costume. Another reason that they may be the same penguin is that they both have the suffix "-ulator".


  • He, X-Treme Penguin, Tommy, Aunt Arctic, Gary, Sensei and Rockhopper are one of the only named penguins in the entire series.
  • He probably has two friends - a Pink penguin and a Red penguin.
  • If Squidulator and Moosulator are the same penguins, then Squidulator apparently likes forgetting things when he changes his costume.

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