Spy Phone

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Spy Phone

Created By Gary the Gadget Guy
Constructed 2005
Purpose Tools and communication device for Secret Agents.
Appearances Anything PSA related from 2005-2010.
Prototype Spy Phone
EPF Spy Phone

Spy Phone
Available No
Type Other Items → Awards
Member item No
Party None
Cost None
Where found If you pass the Secret Agent quiz.
Item ID(s) 800
:Were you looking for the EPF Phone?

The Spy Phone was a small, blue phone that all PSA Secret Agents received after becoming a Secret Agent. It used to transport agents to nearly all of the rooms on Club Penguin Island. On May 27, 2010, the Spy Phone was replaced by the EPF Spy Phone, making it impossible to activate. This was Gary's first invention for public use.

Functions of the Phone[edit]

The Complete Model #102405 Diagram.
  • Long-Range Antenna
  • View Screen
  • HQ Entry Button
  • 14.3 Hz Auditory Impulse Receptor
  • Teleporter Scroll Button
  • "Tools" Button with:
    • Scissors
    • Comb
    • Wrench

Appearances in missions[edit]

The original phone prototype.
  • The spy phone's prototype can be seen in the Gadget Room, along with the prototypes for the AC 3000 and the Jetpack.
  • In Mission 6, Herbert stole a spy phone (your old spy phone). It is later seen in Mission 9.
  • In Mission 11, the Spy Phone was broken (along with all other PSA technology) and would teleport the player to random places.

EPF appearances[edit]

  • There was a Field Op in which you had to find this phone.


  • In the F.I.S.H., when you click on on the long-range antenna on the spy phone, a coded note appears telling you that the LED blinking light says, "You are cool" in Morse Code.
  • The model number of the spy phone in the F.I.S.H., #102405, is a reference to October 24, 2005, the date Club Penguin was officially unveiled to the public.


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