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The Spy Gadget Icon from Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force.

The Spy Gadget is another one of Gary's inventions. It resembles a blue Nintendo DS. It was the EPF Agent's main tool prior to the EPF Spy Phone. This device can only be used in Elite Penguin Force games.

Spy Gadget Features[edit]

Black items are available in all games. Red items are only in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. Blue items are only in Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge.

Name Information Debut Mission
Two-Way Communicator Allows members of the Elite Penguin Force to communicate with each other. Left To Your Own Devices
Decoder Used to decode secret messages around Club Penguin. It displays the coded message in a screen and on the left side of this screen you have all the symbols and their translations. Left To Your Own Devices
Spy Log This is used to keep track of useful things in the game. Default
Mechano-Duster Used to clear away things like snow piles, grime, paint and dust to reveal hidden items.
HQ Jump Button It is used to get to the Command Room/HQ.
Robotomy Gadget Used to deactivate the haywire Test Bots.
Trekker Call Used to play the Snow Trekker minigame.
Super Power Flashlight This high-power flashlight allows you to see in dark places.
Spy Gadget Help Book Even EPF Agents sometimes need a refresher on the Spy Gadget.
Spy Snake Game After all 6 Snake Tokens are collected, you can play this game.
Scissors A helpful tool for cutting things.
Wrench This wrench comes in handy when there are bolts to unscrew.
Comb Not the most useful tool, it is used to untangle fur.

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