Sports Party

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Sports Party
The Ice Rink during Sports Party.
Members only No
When August 11–21, 2006 [citation needed]
Free Item(s) Red Face Paint, Blue Face Paint, Ice Skates
Catalog(s) None
Mascot(s) None
Where Everywhere
Preceded by
Wild West Party
Succeeded by
Lighthouse Party

This article is about the Sports Party from 2006. If you are looking for a different sporting event, please go here.

The Sports Party, as it's name suggests, was a sport-themed party that took place in August 2006. It centralized around the sports available in Club Penguin which at that time was mainly Ice Hockey. Despite not having most elements that modern parties would have, it was very popular thanks to the refurbishment of the Ice Rink. At the time, this party led to a boost of purchases in the Sports Shop (rather than the Gift Shop).


Features and Decorations[edit]

Ice Rink[edit]

The Ice Rink was the center of attention as it served three purposes. Those who bought the face paint cheered on in the stands. Meanwhile, many member penguins bought sport items to play in the Ice Rink. Most notably, scoreboards were added onto both sides of the pitch, coloured for each team. Often, the room became full and many penguins battled out for the puck. Makeshift matches took place, and each time the puck enter the net, the score was added onto the scoreboards. Usually, the team with the highest score won. The blue and red teams distinguished themselves from each other using the face paint or corresponding colored clothing.


The Ice Rink was also home to many bugs, especially the malfunctioning scoreboards. Even after tons of goals, the scoreboards never added on an extra number or even displayed an incorrect answer. The puck was also found outside of the playing field, and therefore out of reach of the penguins. This fueled many protests to fix it, as Ice Hockey was unplayable for long amounts of times. The scoreboards were eventually removed, and were promised to return after the issues were fixed[citation needed]. None returned however, despite the introduction of the Soccer Pitch in 2008.

Free items[edit]

Image Item Location Members only?
Red Face Paint 2.PNG Red Face Paint Coffee Shop No
Blue Face Paint.PNG Blue Face Paint Pizza Parlor No
IceSkates.png Ice Skates Snow Forts No

The Red Face Paint and the Blue Face Paint were both released at the beginning of the party so players could support the Red Team or the Blue Team. The Ice Skates were released sometime after the party was extended on August 14.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name
Portuguese Festa do Esporte
French Fête du Sport
Spanish Fiesta de Deportes
German Sportparty
Russian N/A


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