Spin Maze

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Spin Maze

The game play of Spin Maze
Players 1
Minigame Location N/A
Date released July 19, 2011
Stamps awarded No
Spin Maze was a game only found in the Beta Team. In this game you need to drag gears from the pallet and mount those on the pivot points. If the gear mounted is of appropriate size and if it gets driven by a moving gear, it will receive power and start moving. First gear is always driven by external source.

Gears can be unmounted by dragging it off the pivot. If any gear is unmounted, all the gears driven by it stop moving. You can win the game by safely driving the robot to the flag in time. The start screen of Spin Maze is like a Field-Op start screen. So it might be only for EPF Agents. It was retired in February 2013 when the Beta Team was closed.

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