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Chris Heatherly

Full Name Chris Heatherly
Position Vice President of Production
Moderator (from February 3, 2013)
Worked at Club Penguin 2007—2016
Penguin Spike Hike

I look forward to seeing you around in Club Penguin and checking in with you from time-to-time. CP has been and always will be bigger than one person. You ARE Club Penguin and you will always be in my heart!
— Spike Hike, Jun 4 2014[1]

Chris Heatherly is a Club Penguin staff member. He replaced Lane Merrifield when he left. Before being Lane's successor, he was the Vice President of Production. He first met the Club Penguin staff in 2007 while working for Disney Toys, and started to work for Club Penguin in 2007[2]. His penguin's name is Spike Hike. Spike Hike was going to be an upcoming mascot so that he could've gotten unlimited friends and a special background, but he left Club Penguin in 2016. [3]


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  • He is from Texas.[4]
  • He joined the Club Penguin team in 2007.
  • He is a father of three.[5]

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